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Health withdraws three batches of angina drug due to unexpected results

The The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), under the Ministry of Health, has ordered Recall of three batches of the cardiovascular prevention drug caffeinetrin as sublingual coated tablets.

caffeinetrinThe main principle of which is nitroglycerin, belongs to the group of vasodilators, which are used in heart diseases, because they increase the blood flow that reaches the heart and improve its performance with less irrigation of the coronary arteries.

According to your perspectiveCaffinitrin is used in the following cases:

  • Try it Acute attacks of angina pectoriswhich consists of a sudden onset of pain or tightness in the chest, although it may be felt in the neck or arm due to a lack of coronary artery supply.
  • Avoiding the pain of angina pectoris When you are about to perform a physical activity or a situation that may cause said pain.

The Many were affected they are:

  • Series: S802, expiration date 11/30/2024
  • Lot: T007, expiration date 06/30/2025
  • Lot: T008, expiration date 06/30/2025

Reason for withdrawal is “non-specific result in the content of the active substance nitroglycerin”. AEMPS orders that all units distributed from the affected batches be withdrawn from the market and returned to the laboratory through normal channels.

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