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I want to sell my house: what should I know before I do it?

If it is possible. It is not necessary to hire the services of a real estate agency to sell a property. Of course, we must be prepared for the process, which requires time, commitment, patience and knowledge.

When we embark on the adventure of selling our home, we don’t have real estate experts analyzing the market to find the best prices for us, nor do we have the comfort of an agency doing all the work for us. for a fee.

But the truth is that there are many advantages to selling an apartment individually: the main one is the savings that come from not having to pay real estate taxes. Even so, if we want to sell the property successfully and without fear, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects.

Time and dedication, but saving money

Advertising your home online and showing it to potential buyers isn’t the only step we take care of as landlords, and it’s something we have to be willing to put in the work and time to do it.

For many, the buying and selling process involves endless complexities, among which it is easy to get lost, but completing all the documents has its own great reward: saving on real estate commissions in case of hiring the services of an agency. which is between 2% and 7% of the sale price.

as OCU explainsAmong the procedures and documents for the legal sale of an apartment are the energy efficiency certificate, the owner’s association charter and the documentation of the last meetings.

Also the building book, if it exists, the certificate of residence in the autonomous communities where it is required and the last received payment from the IBI, the receipt of which can be requested free of charge at the town hall of the place of residence.

In addition, sometimes a simple record of the property registry and house plans will be required (very useful in Internet sales, because the client can better focus on the distribution of the house), ITE certificate, last paid bills. for delivery and notice of arrears or zero mortgage arrears.

It is important to act on time and have these documents in hand before listing the property for sale, because once the apartment is advertised on the Internet, the potential buyer will not necessarily wait for our request to be lost. A piece of paper and the application process can be lengthy.

Not everything is free, there are some mandatory payments

Selling the apartment independently does not mean that we will be exempted from paying a certain amount. In fact, obtaining most of these documents involves some costs, but they are minimal compared to the price of real estate commissions.

For example, the services of a notary must be hired to sign a serious monetary contract and formal sale of the property, although their price can be split or paid in full by the buyer, depending on the agreement.

But it doesn’t end there, when you sell a house you are required to pay certain taxes such as Personal Income Tax, IBI and Municipal Capital Gains which vary depending on certain factors such as capital gains if any.

However, there are exemptions in the IRPF, such as exemption for reinvestment in a regular home, exemption for people aged 65 and over and exemption for house payments.

Assessment: One of the most important aspects

An appraisal is one of the fundamental procedures in selling a property, because if the price of the house is too high, they won’t call us, and if it’s too low, they probably won’t because they think the floor isn’t in good condition.

We have several options for valuing a property: there are online valuation tools that value it by entering home data, although prices may vary by platform, so it is advisable to consult several sources to compare prices.

To do this, you can request free appraisals from professionals such as online or traditional real estate agents, approved appraisers and real estate portals, in addition to browsing the Internet to find average house prices based on their condition to determine. A reliable comparison.

If you decide to have an in-home evaluation done by a professional, They explain from the Certicalia website that, although they cannot say exactly how much the property is valued at, “the cheapest we have done involves paying €100; The most expensive had a price of 450 euros; And the average cost of over 7,000 assessments with Certicalia yielded an average price of €279 per assessment.”

Be careful with the wording of the deposit agreement

When the time of sale approaches, the notary will need other documents, among which is the hard-earned cash agreement, one of the most crucial documents in the sale of our property, as it will determine all the terms of the final sale.

this, As Lagares Abogados explained, “Guarantees that the seller keeps his word with regard to what is stipulated in the contract itself, because its violation obliges the seller to pay a penalty.”

In addition, when this contract is signed, the buyer gives a signal, in return, that the seller is obliged to keep his property for a certain period of time.

There is an option to hire a lawyer to write it, According to Inmogesco“Typically it costs 350 or 400 euros and up for a simple deposit contract,” sometimes it is paid by the buyer or the costs are split as the parties agree.

You can also hire the services of a notary who manages the sale to do it for the same price, or look for free templates on the Internet to write it yourself, always being careful and paying attention not to make mistakes or omit important information, because this is the final signature of the sale of our property Prelude.

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