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New Covid-19 travel restrictions will be published by the Northern Ireland Chief Executive later on Wednesday.

The newspaper will provide further details about the curfew, which will come into force in Northern Ireland from Boxing Day.

Anyone traveling to the region and planning a stay of at least 24 hours must self-isolate for 10 days under the new travel rules.

BBC News NI reports that the new travel guidelines list what counts as essential travel during restrictions.

The newspaper also reportedly said that people who regularly cross the border for essential purposes will not be subject to any restrictions.

Essential trips include:

– Return home if you are away from your usual place of residence

– Work when you can’t work at home

– Access to health and social services

– Access to critical services

– Fulfillment of essential care tasks

– Purchase of essential goods or services in your area

– Train an animal or go to the vet

– Comply with a legal obligation

– Provision of emergency services in the event of a disaster.

The directive states that people should only travel within Northern Ireland if it is absolutely necessary.

Today, the Department of Health also updated the advice for people at extreme clinical risk (CEV) for the holiday season and beyond.

CEV people are said to be reminded to “consider plans for a Christmas bubble very carefully over the holiday season”.

The DoH said that they unfortunately “remain extremely vulnerable to this virus and the safest option is not to form a Christmas bubble.”

CEV people are asked to avoid shops, pharmacies and catering establishments unless absolutely necessary.

The advice adds that if you do decide to meet with family, “it should be as short as possible with very strict precautions”.

The Christmas party between 23 and 27 December, where three households can gather, was previously limited to a freely selectable day within this period.