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This is a traditional Christmas recipe from Catalonia, Madrid, Euskadi and Aragon

There are as many Spanish gastronomic possibilities as the tastes of each home, but although it is not easy to determine a specific menu for every family, it is true that there are well-known dishes that are served during Christmas dates in each autonomous community.

Some of them are escudela and Catalan carne d’ola, chicilac from Madrid and with red cabbage, Aragonese cardoon and scorpionfish cake from the Euskadi. And while each family enjoys different dishes and gives them their own personal twist, we’ve compiled the most traditional form of these recipes if you dare to make them in your kitchen this year.

in Catalonia

Escudella i carn d’olla from the famous chef, an expert in classic Catalan cuisine, Nandu Juban. Ration for 8 or 10 people.

For shield:

For the pile (this mixture is also used to fill the galleys):


in Madrid

Pepper and red cabbage. Casa Dani’s basic recipe with added touches of chickpeas and red cabbage, typical of traditional Madrid Christmas cuisine.

in the Basque Country

Scorpion fish cake by the Torres brothers, a recipe popularized by Arzac at the beginning of the new Basque cuisine in the seventies.

in Aragon

Stewed thistle with almond sauce from the Casa Arcas Hotel restaurant located in the Benasque Valley of Huesca.

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