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Heat Pump: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Perfect Plan B to Heat Your Home

As gas price cuts loom, despite the effectiveness of government-imposed limits, many households are wondering how much their first winter heating bill will be, especially if they’re running a natural gas circuit.

That is why it is presented Dilemma whether to use water circuit heating this winter In the case of gas heating and expansion, in some houses should be washed dishes with hot water.

Undoubtedly Coefficient of energy efficiency (COP) 0.9It is a very efficient system since it has almost no losses, but the current price of its power source may make it prohibitive in the coming months.

So it’s convenient to have Plan B if gas prices go out of control this winter And a good solution could be inches from our heads without even knowing it. We are talking about a heat pump, which we generally call an “air conditioner” due to its usual use.

The fact that many people still do not know is that these devices are As giving cold air as hot. Moreover, they do it today with exceptional efficiency, thanks to this The technology is known as an inverterIt is already the industry standard.

Said technology consists of an electronic system, halfway between software and hardware, which Instead of turning the engine off and on each time After the desired temperature is reached or lost, the device maintains the basic operation to maintain it.

Thus Saves initial energy Each time the temperature of the thermostat should be corrected, while maintaining a very low constant operation, to avoid variations as much as possible.

If we add to this the fact that by designing a closed system of compression and decompression of the refrigerant gases, very similar to refrigerators, heat pumps are very efficient, Inverter technology achieves a COP of three.

so For every kilowatt invested in electricity, three kilowatts of heat are obtainedUndoubtedly, it is the most efficient system in terms of energy saving.

The advantages are obvious: Three times cheaper heat Which is reflected in the reduction of the tax peaks in the heaviest months. If we already have them set up for summer, why not use them in winter?

Heat pumps, expensive

Now, to understand the benefits, this system has its limitations and drawbacks. The main limitation is Its installation cost. Its price varies significantly depending on brands and power.

But for an average area of ​​about 20 m2, which can be the measurements of a living room, we will need a device with more than 2000 frigories, as is the standard calculation of needs. 1000 frigors for every 10m2.

If we want to heat an average 60m2 house with one appliance, since the presence of more than one multiplies the costs, we will need a pump with a capacity of 6000 frigors, depending on how we have the orientation and insulation of the apartment or house. , we can get by with less.

The price of one of these devices, without taking into account the installation, starts from just 1000 euros and can reach up to 4000 euros from recognized manufacturers.

However, if we correctly calculate the investment made in a competitive device and the installation is not complicated, we can pay it back in a few years with the savings. Without taking into account that we can use the equipment in the summer as well.

Not suitable for very cold climates

Another limitation of these systems is that they cannot function Outside temperature below freezingThat is, about 0ºC. The reason is that to generate heat, the compressor expels cold from the outside, which can accelerate freezing in the surrounding areas, preventing the circulation of gases.

Therefore, the pump is ineffective under such conditions. it makes Its use is limited to coastal and warm areaswhere freezing temperatures rarely occur.

However, if the temperature outside is above 0ºC during the day, you can take advantage of the efficiency of the device.

maintenance and a very dry environment

Another drawback is that heat pumps require some filter maintenance. Although its implementation is simple, we should not forget Clean the filters every two or three monthsAs a dirty filter reduces the air energy of the pump and therefore the efficiency of the heat distribution.

It is also a tick nest that drives the pump and distributes evenly, which May cause allergies At home.

Finally, we must remember that these devices dry the air and reduce the relative humidity while heating the room, which dries out both our skin and the respiratory tract. That’s why it is It is recommended to use them together with a moisturizer..

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