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The Department of Health has released its latest figures on Covid 19 deaths, with a further 11 people dying from the virus.

The deaths of 10 people were recorded in the last 28 days and one more outside the reporting period.

Today’s figures show 176 new positive tests registered within 24 hours.

The total death toll is now 1,996.

A total of 51 people remain on ventilation in the hospital, of which 58 people are being treated in intensive care.

At 78 nursing homes, staff are dealing with active outbreaks, 33 of the residents are symptomatic, 38 are asymptomatic and another seven are unknown.

The department, which records people who have tested positive for the virus, says 2,137 people have tested positive in the past seven days, with a total of 44,598 tests taken in that time.