Where to eat the winning pinchos of the 2022 National Tapas Competition

The level of national tapas is measured annually National Pincho and Tapas Competition. And over the course of 18 editions, it has grown and put chefs from all over Spain on the map.

The competition gained such a reputation that it had to be taken to the international arena Valladolid City Tapas World Championshipin which chefs from all over the world participated this year, From New Zealand and Australia to Ecuador or the United Kingdom.

In addition, the organization came up with the great idea of ​​twinning dozens of participants in restaurants and bars in the city, so that during the week of the competition locals and visitors have the opportunity to try their tapas on an intensive route. By the way, the winning pinchos of those Valladolid bars have been known throughout the history of the competition.

As it is no longer possible in Valladolid, here we bring you the winners so that you can go to their establishments and ask for their tapas if you live in their city or intend to engage in gastronomic tourism.

Pinchos and Tapas National Champion 2022

in Restaurant PuntidoA must-try is Ariel Munguia’s tapa called “Cochino Bocado,” a small sack of pork resting on lettuce that’s sweet on the palate and helps wash away the greasy feeling with a shot of mixed salad. Carretera de Navaridas Errepidea s/n, 01309 Paganos, Álava.


The second prize of the 18th National Pincho and Tapas Competition is being prepared in the restaurant The taskA sweet surprise from Carla Peyron, who disguised her all-organic “sweet tartare” by substituting meat for raspberries. Carrer de Sepulveda, 38-40, Barcelona.

Third prize of the national competition

The Restaurant Atrium He was the third champion for his cover of “Tomato a bath” by Alberto Montes. A fun skewer that comes with a small dollop of mint foam bath where an Indian-inspired kataifi pasta roll is spread, but filled with a concentrated Extremaduran tomato soup to be dipped in a curry spice mayonnaise. Plaza San Mateo, 1, Cáceres.

Access to the best cover concept of the national competition

In Borda Berry The second prize for best tapas concept rightfully went to Mitxel Suarez, his “Bollo de Maite-Quilla”, a perfect trompe l’oeil of a creamy bun, but filled with eel and citrus, refreshing the butter. Hueto Arriba-Oto Goien Street, 5, Hueto Arriba, Álava.

Access to the most traditional cover of the national competition

Cafe Tizona Restaurant Makes the best traditional tapas in Spain thanks to the experience of Ana Rosa Lasheras with her “¡¡¡Bacañuelo!!!”. Ciriaco Garrido Street, 14, Logroño, La Rioja.

Access to the most avant-garde covers of the national competition

The most avant-garde pan is served in the restaurant Pontevedra Cafewhere Ruben González paid tribute to the discarded octopus with “Octópoda-Solo Octopus”.

A ball filled with chunks of encephalopod head, the cooking broth of which is used to pipet a concentrated stew to scoop it inside and contrast with the small octopus torreznito, which provides a crunch. Rua Alameda, s/n, Pontevedra.

Tapa World Champion 2022

The VI Champion of the World Tapas Championship isn’t going to shake your hand because he’s in a restaurant Hyatt Centric Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where Lendl Pereira nails his “Cijara Baba Ganoush” eclair, a crispy cannelloni of spicy eggplant puree and hot sauce.

Tapa World 2022 second champion

Frederick Wong of Yeh Tak restaurant received the second world prize ponyFrom New Zealand, for their ‘Ash Dog’ cover.

Third World Prize

Restaurant James Russell Kirkwood Brown’s Brasserie (United Kingdom), wowed with his croissant sandwich with aged beef patty and prawns from Huelva called ‘Mar y montaña’.

Access to the best cover concept of the World Cup

Alejandro San Jose, from Valladolid, from the restaurant Habanero TaqueriaWon this second prize (Spain) for its tapas “Salbut Criollo” and you can get it there for lunch and dinner. Duque de Lerma street, 4, Valladolid.

Second prize for the world’s most traditional tapas

The world’s most classic tapas is the cuisine of Joana Duarte, from the restaurant Cinnamon bun (Portugal), and is called “Atlantic bite” because it contains seaweed and horse mackerel.

Second prize for the most avant-garde cover in the world

And the most avant-garde international tapas was served by Amber Heaton, from Cucina Vino restaurant (Australia), who made “salmon ceviche” with a strong presence of cucumber.

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