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Think back to all the X Factor winners: how did their lives go?

The long-awaited and already 10th musical project “X factor” will bring TV3 viewers to the screens this Sunday! The anniversary season will surprise once again with performances by many people who cannot live without music and constant intrigue – who will be the winner? And before the big premiere of the new season, we invite you to remember all the previous winners of the project. They not only found their way into the hearts of the public and enjoyed their performances on the big stage – for some, the project even gave them love.

The winner of the first season was Giedrė Vokietytė. The woman says she always remembers participating in the project with a smile. Giedrė didn’t expect to reach the super final, so she felt great excitement and couldn’t control her tears even before going on stage. A conversation with Judge Saulius Urbonavičius-Samu helped overcome the emotions, the press release said.

“I became recognizable after the project. It even made my students a little nervous! And I am currently working with the rehabilitation of horses. It happens that customers who come to recognize me, say that they voted for me”, says the winner of the first “X factor”.

The winner of the second season was 21-year-old Žygymantas Gečas. The artist does not hide it, it was a time when he wanted to get everything out of life. In the project, he got to know the scene, famous people and Žygis names the winning moment as one of the best in the life of a young person. Žygis also met his future wife Anžela Adamovič through the project. After a few years, the participants have started a family and are raising a son.

Now Žygis continues to call music a pleasure in his life – he writes songs and organizes events. True, the guy warns future winners of this year – the prize should be treated responsibly!

“Winning meant a lot to me. I got a lot of attention, although I didn’t always achieve it. Fake friends appeared who wanted to communicate with me. I could afford to buy things for a living more comfortable – I bought a car, a computer, a phone. I knew that I needed to employ money, but I was too young to do it,” says Žygis.

The third season was fateful for Monika Pundziūta-Monique. The talented girl bribed the audience with her outstanding voice and sultry performances. After the win, Ms. Pundziūtė changed her name to Monique and started delighting fans with her hits. The girl is currently named one of the most popular artists in the country, who creates songs herself. Monique’s works are probably known to all fans of Lithuanian music, and crowds gather at her concerts.

In the fourth season, Iglė Bernotaitytė won. Marijampolietė gained sympathy with his youthful maximalism. After winning, Iglė chose the path of music and delighted fans with songs. The girl befriended her teacher Saulius Prūsaičius as part of the project. Iglė and the popular artist always delight listeners with joint songs that become hits. Iglė is currently performing and is also a well-known influencer.

The fifth season was a success for the group “120”. The acting duo surprised and entertained audiences every week. However, band member Šarūnas Januškevičius assures that it took a lot of consistent work. This has given good results. With a smile on his face, he recalls when Davydas jokingly said it was Šarūnas’ birthday on the day of filming. The audience and judges sang the birthday song as the duo struggled to contain their laughter.

“There are so many witty memories like that. I’m a person who gambles – I like to play, I like to win. It was like a game for me. Achievements like that are an interesting point in a biography Many eyes turned to us – we experienced what it means to have our own audience…”, says Š. Janushkevicius.

“Good time boys” shone in the sixth season. The rockers stood out for their strong voices and the fact that they covered Queen songs perfectly. Energetic performances brought victory – the rockers won 15,000. euros. Currently, the group can still be seen on stage and also performs at private parties.

The seventh season was a success for Milda Martinkėnaite. The owner of a powerful voice remembers his participation in the project as constant work, anxiety and excitement. As well as the indescribable attention and sincerity of the people working on the project.

“Winning the project is the greatest achievement of my life, which would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the public. I cannot put it into words, but the attention, the message and the kind words that I received through The X Factor is the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s a driving force, proof that I’m worth being on stage. There’s no shortage of music in my life – only the performances have gone from TV screens to private parties. I create music, play and live with music,” she says.

“X Factor. Milita Daikerytė won the Star Project”. The famous make-up artist and beauty salon owner sang as a teenager and then forgot about music for a while. However, after participating in the project, she returned to the stage. Milita is happy to perform at private parties and thus diversifies her work in the world of beauty.

The ninth season was successful for the Mando group. The Lithuanian and French duo became a crowd favorite from the very first final. Currently, Antoine Wend continues to develop his career as a solo artist, and Mindaugas Pundzius accompanies him in concerts.

Mando shared the earnings equally – A. Wend dedicated his share to the music. The performer says the project taught him how to control his voice and work with his body. He also grew as an artist and as a person.

“After winning the project, I performed all over Lithuania. Singing for people, performing for them, meeting them is the reason why I wake up. I had the chance to meet talented people. one of them is producer Titas Astaf. We wrote two songs together,” says the Frenchman, who lives between Vilnius and Paris.

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