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Giedrius Masalskis spoke about his recent divorce with his second half: we both felt it was no longer worth it

Giedrius Masalskis, head of the LRT radio department, isn’t one to talk about his personal life often, so anytime he talks about this topic is a rare occasion. This time, he shared his experiences on television.

G. Masalskis was one of the guests during his participation in the “Mano daina” project. In the studio, he talked about the song “Išeinu” by Vytautas Kernagis, which he associates with loneliness, but “painted in a lighter color”.

“The piece actually ties into a lot of stories from my life, but of course mostly about the breakup,” said the famous man, who quickly shared the story of his recently broken relationship but a year with a foreign woman.

“Community, being together is certain compromises and acceptance of a person. We all know that, nothing new here. It was very good with this person at the beginning – a honeymoon. Like all the time. But later, as always, the friction begins – how much will I give in, adapt, how much will you, etc.

It turns out that after about a year, we both felt it wasn’t worth it anymore. I felt it was a person from another religion, not even a person from Europe. I am open to anything, but this situation was such that this person also understood, and I understood that these meadows, these honey bees are in completely different territories, in other dimensions, and we all have the two decided that we still had to say goodbye, “shared G. Masalski.

Then, after the breakup, while in another country, the show guest was driving a car and remembered how in the sun he felt a sense of relief, both when he had let go of this person and when he was away from him.

In the song of V. Kernagis there are words about returning, it turns out, and G. Masalskis himself in this story thought of such a step while at the airport in this country , but in the end he didn’t take this.

“I was wondering if I was writing or not. In the end, I didn’t write. I found Kernagi’s song on Spotify, listened and flew away. You really don’t need to put this yoke and, like our elders, to suffer until the end of the day. I am certainly not saying that you should stop just yet. In no case. You must try to seek. And this story was such that we have both strongly felt that this was not the case”, shared G. Masalskis on LRT.

Source: The Delfi



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