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Michael Frishman presents a new song and video: designed to inspire and encourage

July 1, the artist who released his first song surprised not only his friends, but also his longtime followers. “As long as there are first generations, you are alive. When I was singing the works of other artists at concerts, I felt like I was still missing something, even though I really like what I do. Over time, you sometimes realize that you need more in life, that you want more and that you can do more. In the context of these reflections, certain experiences have led to the creation of the first song”, explains the singer.

“I delayed the release of my songs for a long time. Perhaps it was necessary that at the same time many different pieces of the puzzle fall into place, which had been scattered in the mind until then. For me, it was the people I met, the encouragement of friends and the motivation of colleagues. There were also shocks and difficulties.”

The music video surprised not only with its sensitivity, but also with its uniqueness. Scenes in the psychologist’s office, idealistic memories of the past, finally overcoming difficulties and reconciliation – all these stages are experienced by the viewer in the video clip with the lyrical person of the song, which sensitively recounts the difficulties of a relationship of torque. The words “I have always believed in us” exude an inexhaustible hope to overcome hardships and see the long-awaited mutual future after growing together in love.

In the music video reminiscent of the 90s, dancers Donatas Mankevičius and Ieva Balčiūnaitė-Tarasevičienė portray a couple going through a tormented relationship, making sense of the story with their zuko-style dance. Zouk is a dance born in Brazil that belongs to the group of social dances with dances such as bachata, salsa and kizomba. Promising choreography complements the plot of the clip and conveys emotions, sometimes felt only through dance.

“The main idea of ​​the song and the video is the ups and downs of relationships. Sometimes people, in the midst of problems or difficulties, forget how and from what it all started, lose the butterflies in their stomach and cease to appreciate where it all began.During the Covid restrictions, many couples have faced new realities, financial hardships and unusual friction caused by the routine of being in the same space More and more headlines about divorce and the shortage of psychologists began to appear in the environment and in the media.

I know many people have given up before they get their turn at counseling or simply without even thinking about the possibility of outside help. I would like this song to remind couples who are going through difficulties how important it is to talk openly to each other, to remember the best moments in the relationship and to believe that, as trivial as it may seem, everything will be fine, just desire and hope of both peoples.

Mr. Frishman premiered the new track “Kaip tu vyorutum” with Mantas Zigmantas, a well-known guitarist in Lithuania, and music producer Faustus Venckumis.

The music video was directed by the talented director Albinas Kirkilas, who has already illustrated the work of several famous artists in the past. “One of the most open and sincere people I have met. I watched Albinas create and work, and I admired the simplicity of the person and his ability to find an approach to any type of person” – remembers the interpreter of his collaboration with the director.

“I carry my first single, my first song very close to my heart. If at least one person relates to it, if it helps at least one of the listeners to choose the right path, gives them hope, helps them to ponder or ponder – I will be very happy about that,” says Michaelis.

Source: The Delfi



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