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After holding his second performance in Jurmala, Galkin did not hesitate to mock Russia and Putin: everyone who did not believe in vaccination believed in a special operation

Maksim Galkin, who left Russia with his wife Alla Pugacheva and their children due to the brutal actions of the president of this country, Vladimir Putin, in Ukraine, continues to spare no bitter words for his fatherland. The comedian, who held his second performance in Jūrmala on Sunday evening, did not hesitate to make fun not only of Vladimir Putin and his actions in Ukraine, but also to joke about famous propagandists, afraid to speak openly about colleagues from scene and many other unpleasant subjects for the aggressor country. By the way, the show was not complete without a bloody incident among the audience.

All tickets, whose prices ranged from 30 to 150 euros, were purchased a few days before the event. For The Postedia readers – a special The Postedia feature from Jūrmala.

Mr. Galkinas is one of those Russian superstars who do not spare criticism from the authorities and harsh statements about the decision of the president of this country to attack Ukraine. It was because of this that he and his family had to leave the country, and now a criminal case has even been brought against him in Russia for “disinformation”. However, having gone to Israel, and currently staying in Latvia, the comedian can express his opinion much more freely.

He gave his first performance in Jurmala on Thursday and surprised everyone by speaking Latvian. Judging by the feedback that poured in on social media, Mr. Galkin’s decision undoubtedly left an impression on the public.

“Hello dear friends! I started to learn Latvian, because now in Russia, everything I say during my performances is followed very closely. Therefore, today I will speak and joke only in Latvian. I can already see it: many Latvians were afraid that I was only joking in Latvian. Don’t worry, the Russians are sitting next to you – they don’t understand at all what’s going on here and what they paid for,” Galkin joked.

“The Postedia” journalists also had the opportunity to participate in the third program of the new program organized on Sunday evening (another took place in Liepaja at the weekend). The show also started in Latvian, and jokes about how Russians who came to the concert paid money, but no longer understand what is happening, were met with loud applause from the audience.

But soon Galkin continued the show in Russian.

They mocked not only Russia, Putin, but also the whole propaganda machine of this country

Although the comedian hasn’t spared the harsh criticism of his homeland, he said he’s still “making up for” the only award given to him by the country’s president many years ago (or rather in 2007) – the Order of National Friendship. After his bold statements about the politics of the country, Galkin and his family had to leave Russia, and now people often hear about him as if he was found dead in the forest, his eyes were gouged out, the fans no longer came to shows, etc.

However, the stage star said he enjoys life abroad, especially in Jurmala.

“I used to really like watching the sunrises and sunsets here. Now I only enjoy the sunsets, because the sunrises come from the east side,” Galkina hinted at her displeasure with what was happening. currently happening in Russia.

It wasn’t just the military actions that embarrassed the home country

One of the topics that really took the meeting by storm was the coronavirus management policy. Mr Galkin joked that quarantine in Russia was called self-isolation, because people were forced to lock themselves in their homes just so they wouldn’t have to pay benefits so they couldn’t go to work, but it was extremely easy to follow them. down.

“Anyone who didn’t believe in vaccination believed in speculation,” Galkin scoffed.

According to him, many did not even know how to use protective masks correctly. In order not to spend money on them, people wore disposable masks for more than a day or two, and simply retied the broken shoelaces.

“At that time, they didn’t understand why their ears were getting looser and looser, and when they put the mask they were wearing in their pocket, they forgot which side was the outside and which side was the inside. , but it didn’t prevent them from continuing to wear it,” laughs the comedian.

He did not hide that he most admires Greek doctors. According to him, they received bribes of several hundred euros from patients who requested the injection of the simplest vitamins instead of the COVID-19 vaccine. They took money from innocent people, but they injected them with the coronavirus vaccine anyway.

He laughed at the differences between the Russian and Latvian languages ​​and also spoke Lithuanian

Galkinas, who was fairly fluent in Latvian at the start of the show, devoted much of the show to the similarities and differences between the Latvian and Russian languages. According to him, not only he, but also his family – Ala Pugačiova and her two children – are currently learning foreign languages.

“Now Latvians don’t choose names with the letter Z anymore. And the easiest word for me to remember is ‘sula’ (juice in Lithuanian). When I come to a restaurant, I order a ‘sula’ for the era, and a ‘beer’ for me. It’s the same word, read only from the end,” said the comedian and added that it was now necessary to avoid talking aloud about the factory, who is called “Putins” in Latvia – just like the Russian president.

And if the Estonian language is extremely generous with repeated letters in the word, then the Lithuanian language seems much stricter to it. As an example, Galkin gave the saying “beautiful girl”.

Criticized Russia’s military actions and stars supporting Putin’s policies

During the performance, the comedian expressed perhaps a lot of criticism of the Russian authorities and joked that the “denazification” of the country would not stop there.

“Soon, not only Ukraine, but also all of Europe will be defederalized,” the stage star scoffed.

Russian celebrities who attend TV shows for a small fee and publicly worship their homeland have been ridiculed. The name of one of the country’s most famous propagandists, Vladimir Solovyov, was mentioned more than once during the evening.

“They’re all claiming to be martyrs, so we won’t have to wait long until the church publicly declares these people martyrs. I don’t know what they’re all smoking there, but I’m pissed. The question arises, if Putin thought about dropping an atomic bomb on the side of the United States, and at that time my show was taking place there, would I go to heaven with all the Russians, or is would everything else “calm down like a dog,” Galkin asked rhetorically.

According to him, a statue should definitely be built for the gigantic Putin. Because being able to promise Russians “all the good” that existed during the Soviet Union and convince many that not only the “good times” will return, but also their youth, is undoubtedly genius.

True, Galkin said that he did not understand why all kinds of Kirkorov, Leps and Gazmanov were praising the Russian president.

“After all, he lives somewhere between Mars and Saturn, so he doesn’t really see what’s really going on.” Artists should be for peace, not for war. Therefore, the goal of the famous propagandists remains unfinished, and self-awareness and self-esteem are destroyed forever,” the comedian taunted to his colleagues.

Songs also performed during the show, Galkin perfectly imitated Nikolay Baskov, Svetlana Lobod and other performers.

Russia has also been embarrassed by the arrest of ordinary people on the streets.

“They arrested those who were holding signs with the words ‘no to war’. Then they started arresting those who wrote ‘we are for peace’ on the posters. Later it was the turn of those who were holding just a blank sheet of paper in their hands. Then authorities started dealing with people who were pretending to be holding a sign,” the comedian said.

Galkin received overwhelmingly loud applause after almost every sentence as he began impersonating Latvian stage star Raimondas Pauls.

The performance was interrupted by a bloody incident in the room

Towards the end of the show, cries for help were suddenly heard among the audience in the venue, and shortly after, a quite aggressive bloodied holidaymaker rose from his seat and was escorted away by security personnel. .

Mr. Galkin announces a short break. Read more about the incident and pictures from the concert hall in the The Postedia article HERE.

After the break, the comedian returned to the stage and continued the performance for about half an hour as if nothing had happened. At the end of the show, he received not only thunderous applause from the packed house, but also many flowers.

As previously announced, Mr. Galkin is one of the few Russian celebrities to have expressed an opinion on the events unacceptable to the authorities after the annexation of Crimea. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the popular comedian left the homeland with his wife Alla Pugacheva and two children. Mr. Galkin has ruthlessly criticized the Russian propaganda machine and President Vladimir Putin’s regime and still actively supports the Ukrainian side during the ongoing war.

Currently, Mr. Galkin’s family lives in their home in Jurmala. You can see what his family villa looks like in a special report that will appear on the The Postedia portal later this week.

The comedian is planning performances not only in Jūrmala, but also in Liepaja, Ruoja and Rėzekne. Fans who spoke about Galkin’s new show on social media made no secret of their sympathy. According to them, this was nothing more than a blow to patriotic Russians, to Putin and to Russia, which brainwashes its compatriots with propaganda.

Source: The Delfi


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