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Kirill Glushaev, who played the main character’s friend in the comedy “What Women Don’t Know” – about what women don’t know

The producers of comedies “Valentine One”, “Import Groom”, “And All Their Husbands” and “How to Steal Your Wife” return to cinema screens on September 16 with the film “What Don’t People Know”, full of comic situations, in which we will see well-known actors and a joyful story in which none of us would want to be.

In the tape about a real macho who woke up one morning as a woman, we will see Vytautas Rumšas Jr. and Rimantė Valiukaitė in the main roles. In an interview before the premiere, Kiril Glushaev, who created the role of the main character’s best friend, talks not only about the differences between female and male friendship, but also about the topics that men discuss when no one hears him.

– What is the role in the movie “What Men Don’t Know” close to you as a person?

– For me, it is close to its theme – the theme of friendship. I have few friends, some of them are from early childhood, others appeared only later. The theme of friendship is very important to me. And the most important thing for a person to have the talent for friendship is knowing and being able to be a friend.

– What are the differences and similarities between male and female friendship?

– Often, when men get together with their friends, they tend to sum up what happened: losses or achievements, plans for the future. In the society of men, we consult and seek reinforcement, support for future projects – future important decisions. We also discuss future decisions and future consequences with masculine logic in a masculine way.

And women enjoy the process itself. They may not be so important to discussing accomplishments, they just enjoy presence and emotional fulfillment.

– Tell us what, in your opinion, men don’t know about women?

– The question is broad, so I don’t want to reduce it to something small and domestic, so I’ll put it this way: men generally don’t know that women can behave in more diverse, more complex ways, more sophisticated, more effectively than the men themselves think.

Men judge women’s actions according to their own so-called masculine logic or thinking. Although I have not met many men who have studied logic at least in high school, I have met a few who have already studied the discipline of thought, philosophy. Men, as far as I know, often choose a rather limited palette of tools to overcome difficulties and “take care” of themselves, while women use methods of reflection, logic, intuition and emotional coping, allow themselves to rest while dreaming or remembering, and knowing how to use friendship and companionship, the benefits provided are to express themselves, to empathize, to ask for helps directly or indirectly, not to know openly and to learn accordingly. They don’t hide greed under the mask of omniscience. It can be named for a long time. Often men don’t know that they can learn a lot from women.

– Who got stuck the most during the filming of this comedy?

– Several episodes of filming in the Druskininkai Arena were blocked – there was a ski scene. The shooting took place at night, when the body is already asking for sleep, and the scene was quite active and emotional.

I saw a lot of romance there: it’s cold, cold snow is blowing on us. We managed to shoot the necessary scenes quickly. Some of the crew stayed later to film additional footage and I stayed skiing until 4am. If that didn’t let me sleep, I decided to at least do something fun.

I was curious if my body would remember skiing, after all I had skied maybe 12 years ago in Italy.

– Who and what are your best friends in real life?

– Friendship is the most beautiful thing in life. I have two friends from the big D.

First, here is my friend and comrade, my colleague Audrius Bružas. Another friend from the school bench, common court times is Andrey Vasilenko. As friends, we are united by common interests, common journeys. And Audrius was brought together by improvisation, work, which turned into sharing everything in life.

– What do you think influences the way we choose certain friends?

– I’ll be ordinary. I’ve been trained so you know a friend in trouble, but you don’t necessarily need to save them. It’s times like these that you know a friend who doesn’t necessarily reach out to you, in many cases it’s not even necessary… Just to be there and accept you for who you are – heartache. comfortable, upset, sad. Anyone, no matter how clumsy you are.

In the new film “What Men Don’t Know”, the director’s chair went to Robert Kuliūnas, who received a standing ovation for the comedy “I am a star”, and the roles in the film were created by Rimantė Valiukaitė, Vytautas Rumšas junior, Toma Vaškevičiūtė, Kirilas Glušaevs, Aušra Giedraitytė, Agnė Jagelavičiūtė and others.

The new Lithuanian film will invite viewers to get to know Giedris (actor Vytautas Rumšas Jaunesnysis). He is an editor of a popular magazine surrounded by beautiful women, but he doesn’t care about other people’s opinion, especially women. Egocentric, egotistical, chauvinistic – only the “tip of the iceberg” of his character. However, one day not reckoning with others radically changes Giedrias’ life: he is fired from his job and replaced by the young and ambitious editor Ieva (actor Toma Vaškevičiūtė). Enraged and drunk in a bar, Giedrius suddenly finds himself at a fortune teller’s house, and the next morning he encounters his worst nightmare – he wakes up as a woman (actor Rimantė Valiukaitė).

Bringing laughter back to the cinema, the film “What Men Don’t Know” hits the big screens on September 16.

Source: The Delfi



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