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Social networks are buzzing: a Ukrainian woman created a satirical song “Vanka-vstanka” dedicated to the occupiers

Young Ukrainian singer Masha Kondratenko, who conquered music lovers with the song “Chekaiju na tu”, released a new hit “Vanka-vstanka”.

She dedicated the new song to the Russian occupiers who invaded independent and free Ukraine.

“Vanka – vastanka” is a comic song with a touch of satire and sarcasm, which I wrote to raise the fighting spirit of our soldiers and Ukrainians!

“Vanka – vstanka” is the name of a traditional Russian toy, which in the context of the song describes an occupier whose best fate on Ukrainian land is to find a black bag for himself before our forces Cossacks armies don’t give it away,” Kondratenko commented on his article.

She added that now everyone is fighting on their own front, and their front is musical and she will defend her homeland to the end.

“I will lift my spirits, I will go through the pain, I will rejoice in success and I will cry with everyone, but we will all believe endlessly in our victory,” added the singer.

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