One of Madonna’s most daring performances: She sucked on the rapper’s lips, simulating sex for the audience

New York’s LGBT+ march was kicked off by one of Madonna’s most daring performances: the 63-year-old queen of the pop scene sucked on rapper Tokischa’s lips and faked sex in front of the audience.

Madonna has previously been seen kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It is clear that the icon of the pop scene has decided to continue the tradition started in 2003 during the MTV Music Video Awards.

The singer kicked off NYC’s LGBT+ events weekend with a very spicy performance, complete with a passionate kiss – this time with rapper Tokischa, writes “Daily Star”.

During Thursday night’s performance, the sensational entertainer crawled and crawled around the stage in sexy, sexual moves.

Madonna appeared in a fishnet corset, sequined black shorts, fishnet stockings and high-heeled biker boots for the audience at Terminal 5 Arena in New York City.

The provocative image of the 63-year-old artist was complemented by a cropped jacket from which silver chains hung.

At first, the star strutted around the stage rocking her blonde hair parted in the middle, but after a while, her role suddenly changed.

She now wore a leather bustier with a pink lace bra sticking out from underneath. These outfits were completed with a yellow Adidas shorts set and a cropped jacket.

Soon, during the song “Hung Up”, she was joined by 26-year-old rapper Tokischa, and that’s when the scene got ridiculously hot: After a passionate kiss at the very end of the song, Madonna slapped the rapper on the leg coming down from the stage.

There have been hints of Madonna collaborating with Tokischa before. Speaking to Billboard, the Dominican rapper described her voice as rock-influenced.

“It’s the music I love the most. My style is open. It may seem dark, but it radiates happiness,” she said.

The rapper seems capable of putting on shows similar to Madonna’s: Rolling Stones magazine has described her shows as liberating and raucous, the kind where people are able to indulge their wildest desires.

During an interview with the publication, Tokischa drew attention to the simple lyrics of her songs and stressed that everything she talks about is very real.

Not so long ago, a whole series of photos of Madonna and Tokischa posing with their tongues stuck out were shared on Instagram.

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