Maria was surprised to find a deepfake video on the internet (Photo: ITV)

Maria Connor’s (Samia Longchampbon) life is turned upside down the next week on Coronation Street after she discovers her very fake video had leaked onto the internet.

A local councilor has learned that he has revealed all about the video being broadcast at his school following a confrontation with his son Liam.

He wasted some time watching a video covering his face with a naked body and was shocked to find out how realistic it was.

To make matters worse, the fake porn video came after another viral clip debunking everything Mickey stands for as an adviser.

“That’s terrible,” said actress Samia Longchampbon while speaking about the development of the story. “Maria Liam hid the first video because it was awkward.

Later, they called to tell him that Liam was involved in a fight with another boy while he was out on the street.

María comments on this topic with Gary (Photo: ITV)

So he has to go to school and pick it up, and he says it was a video. He says, “Ignore it, it’s just a ridiculous song.” He then he says, “What song? This is not the video I saw.”

“First of all, he’s completely worried about its existence, and second of all, he actually sees this video and thinks it’s because it really does look like him. These deepfakes actually look like humans.”

“He’s absolutely shocked to think that everyone thinks he’s doing porn.

“He thinks that everyone who voted for him will see this video and think that it is not so. Yes, it is very, very sad!

Samia explained that the situation was even worse when Maria started trolling online and was also under death threat. Gary Windurst (Mike North) will provide her support, but at the press conference you will see that everything will come soon.

Coronation Street will air these scenes on ITV on Monday June 27.