Alain recently described his personal life as “a bit of rubbish” (Photo: Tim P Whitby/Getty Images).

Alain Calmat explained that after the current tour, he would like to take a break for a while, as he revealed his plans for the coming year and needed to sort out “work-life balance”.

In January of this year it was confirmed that the comedian and her husband Paul Drayton divorced after three years of marriage and were together ten years before the wedding.

A statement released at the time read: “Together and amicably they made the difficult decision to divorce and separate. We require that we protect your privacy during this sensitive period.

Alain, 46, is currently on tour in Scotland in his regional linket show. He details some of the challenges he faced in his personal life.

He told Laura Boyd on STV’s What’s On Scotland: “I wrote this before Covid. A week ago, everything was written.

“It was my marriage and Adele’s ordination, especially for me and Paul.

But then the relationship collapsed between me and Covid collapsed when we came out the other side.

Alain and Paul have been together for over 10 years (Photo: Stephen Power / Shutterstock)

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He explained that his year was “great” on a professional level, but “a bit rubbish” on a personal level.

Alain and Paul are said to have divorced ‘amicably’ (Photo: EMPICS/ITV/Rex)

The presenter added: “We need to balance work and life. Next year, maybe Alain will be a little less. Get organized. I think I’m ready for that, and who knows, I love you, maybe you’ll find it.”

Alain suspected there might be a “handsome Scotsman” on her horizon, recalling that a man she noticed in Scotland piqued her interest.

-Someone was imitating a man in the river. [in Inverness] And I like the boy in the swamp…” he recalls.

In a recent speech to Lorena, Alain explained how his tour was like “therapy” after separating from Paul.

Explaining how the writing process for the show came from “the heart”, he said:

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