Dean will teach PK lessons next week (Photo: Channel 5/Ende Morshine)

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) will be coming home and out of the war next week after the villainous PK (Rian Johnson) reaches a catastrophic new level.

PK faced some of Summer Bay’s best, as viewers know. Arguably his greatest sin was his brutal treatment of Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

Dean is determined to protect his sister from mindless PK, but McKee is on a mission of revenge in the next scene after being stabbed by Tamparata (Ethan Brown) following a robbery in Salt.

Finally, Mackenzie tells PK that he decides to play by his rules and sets up a meeting with him. This makes Dean worry.

“At this point, I don’t think Dean knows what PK can do,” actor Patrick O’Connor said. ..

“He goes there to make up with him or to do some business between them, and Mackenzie really just ends badly, especially after PK sends these two guys out on the salt. I’m thinking.

However, Mackenzie refuses to listen and instead, with reinforcements from Dean, tells PK what he says.

Dean and Mackenzie at home and abroad

Dean and Mackenzie captured during a robbery in Salt (Photo: Channel 5/Ende Morshine)

But things go in the wrong direction when PK issues a terrifying warning that threatens Dean’s son Jay!

“By threatening Jay with a PK, he’s really starting to panic,” admits Patrick. “I don’t know if he is a criminal attacking a child, or if he is just an empty threat, because he completely lacks knowledge about this child.”

Dean doesn’t want to put his son’s life in danger, so he decides to solve the problem himself when he joins a group of kids and teaches the villainous PK a lesson.

Patrick adds, “This is not right, but it’s a terrible decision, but Dean’s motive is to make PK understand loud and clear that you’re not getting close to Mackenzie.

Dean of home and abroad

Dean was shocked when he received a warning from the PK that threatened Jay’s life (Photo: Channel 5 / Ende Morshine).

“When I see Dean calling, he stops the old Commodore coming up, the boots open and the PK is tied behind the boots. Whatever happens here is not good for PK. I think that’s enough to convince us.

The question is, can Dean be killed? Is he going to get rid of PK’s life as much as humanly possible?

“Dean is a man who never stops killing,” Patrick said. “Despite the loss of the vial that happened a few years ago, I don’t think murder is really in Dean’s blood.

Dean of home and abroad

Dean wants blood, but will he be the one to throw the penalty shootout? (Photo: Channel 5 / Ende Morshine)

But at the same time, she’ll probably push all boundaries to make sure what matters to her is safe, especially if it’s her and her child. It’s almost guaranteed that Dean will do almost anything except kill to stay safe.

However, Dean’s actions may backfire and bite him, as PK is killed when his body is washed up on the shores of Summer Bay in later scenes.

Is Dean involved? I don’t know. But Patrick laughed that his character would be suspicious.

“Everything that’s going on in PK is open to another investigation that heavily includes Dean and slightly worsens the relationship between Jig and Dean,” Thorpester said. You can see the time if they can do it!

Think of our plot!

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