Katherine Ryan reveals that she faced a colleague as a predator (Photo: Empics)

While working on a popular television show, Katherine Ryan accused her colleagues of sexual predation.

Speaking with Katherine Ryan behind the scenes of her new Prime Video series, the comedian reveals to Sarapasco that she made this accusation in front of her employees because she didn’t know what else to do.

He also shared that Sarah also knew the alleged attacker.

“I grew up,” Catherine told him. I called him a predator every day and in front of everyone.

‘That I have to do? “It is very dirty because there is no evidence,” he continued.

“Why shouldn’t I eat my son because of someone else?”

katherine ryan

The comedian was concerned that there was no “proof” (Photo: PA)

Sarah also admitted that she had informed the television network about a famous man after receiving a call from a viewer who claimed he had been raped.

“Have you ever worked and someone called you and said, ‘This is my abuser’?” she asked.

“I had to go to the channel for work, because you feel responsible, but you also want to manage it well… it’s very difficult.”

Throughout her career, Catherine has said “I’ve got the news”, “I don’t care about chumps”, “8 10 cats”, “Mock the Week” and “Riga of the”.・ She has appeared on many TV shows celebrities like “Own”.

Sarah Pasco

Sarapasco also shared that she was contacted by a viewer who said that the comedian she worked with had raped them (Photo: Prime Video).

Behind the scenes of her new series with Katherine Ryan, Katherine takes viewers behind the scenes of a booth show, riveting comedians like Jimmy Carrie, Seann Walsh, Superkins and Rosie Jones on stage and beyond.

Some comedians may be willing to make jokes that are considered dangerous or offensive, while others may prefer to refrain, but Catherine is concerned about fights that may hurt people’s emotions, she clarified that she falls into the latter category.

“I like to have envelopes, I like to challenge people, I like to get emotional, but I don’t want to offend anyone,” he said.

The Duchess star added that she “doesn’t mind canceling at all” because she “can’t control it.”

“If I cancel something, I’ll say so. But I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so I’m working together to not be afraid of retaliation and not hurt people’s feelings just because of the moral compass. No I don’t care.” , he continued.

Katherine Ryan’s behind-the-scenes broadcast is available on Prime Video.