Retired teacher Diane made a shocking revelation in the second series of The Traitors (Picture: BBC)

The Traitors are known for keeping us on our toes, but we’re only three episodes in and we’ve already seen one of the most incredible twists.

Claudia Winkleman’s hit BBC game show returned with a bang for its second season this week. 22 new faces played the ultimate game of trust and betrayal in the hope of winning a share of £120,000.

After only three missions so far, we’ve seen shocking murders and exiles, as well as brutal play from the four chosen traitors: Paul, Ash, Harry and Miles.

But there was one thing no one expected: a mother-son duo…

During Friday night’s episode, traitorous Paul was stunned to learn that Zack had suspicions and mistakenly believed Diane to be his mother.

The 36-year-old from Manchester laughed at the ridiculous suggestion and told Diane herself, who also found it funny.

Diane, the traitors

Other players suspected she was someone’s mother (Image: BBC)

Diane, the traitors

Viewers were stunned when Diane dropped the biggest (pardon the pun) bomb of all (Image: BBC)

“Zack goes around saying we’re mother and son!” he laughed. “How scary is it?”

The traitor and the believers scoff at how silly Zack’s theory was, considering that Paul is a natural redhead, but Diane – from Ireland – dyes her brown hair to make herself a redhead.

Paul assured it was “not offensive” [him] Somehow people think that Diane is his mother because she is “one of the strongest women”. [he’s] “I met” and said at the same time, “I wouldn’t mind if you were my son.”

Retired teacher Diane, 63, privately told cameras: “I can’t believe Paul was said to be my son. ‘I mean, he’s about three times my height, he’s got red hair…’

Oh, but then came the mother of all bombs.

“Paul just couldn’t be my son,” she argued. “But Ross does.”

Diane and Ross, The Traitors

Yes, Ross is her son! (Photo: BBC)

Diane and Ross, The Traitors

Diane and Ross kept their relationship a secret (Image: BBC)

Ross, The Traitors

They plan to split the money if they win (Image: BBC)

Yes, you read that right, and of course the internet was blacked out.

What followed was a true crime montage of old family photos of Ross and Diane together and previously unseen clips of them talking during private moments on the show.

Ross and Diane began their treacherous journey together on the train before anyone else stepped up and discussed their tactics.

“You know what’s going to be the hardest thing? “I have to call you Diane,” Ross emphasized.

“So it turns out that Diane is my mother,” video director Ross, 28, told the cameras.

Speaking about her game, he continued: “I thought I was making a mistake the whole time, to be honest.

“At the end of the day we are a team. We will try to divide and conquer.

“We have the competitiveness and the drive to make one of us win because if one of us wins the game, we both win it.”

Paul, The Traitors

Zack mistakenly thought Paul was Diane’s son (Image: BBC)

Diane, the traitors

They play blindfolds (Image: BBC)

Diane and Ross, The Traitors

How long will the other players not notice? (Photo: BBC)

He added that their intention was to keep their relationship a secret – unlike the chaos when Tom and Alex revealed they were boyfriend and girlfriend in Season 1’s “Red Breakfast”.

“I’m just trying to stay focused, but it’s hard,” Ross admitted

Reacting to the scenes, X users couldn’t believe what they were seeing and didn’t expect such a crazy turn so early.

“Diane’s reveal that Ross is her son gave me so much ‘It’s … Rebekah Vardy’s account’ energy and I’m living for it,” Tammy Armstrong tweeted.

“BAFTA should give best actor and best actress awards to Diane & Ross next year because that’s an ACHIEVEMENT,” wrote Ashley James.

“Did anyone’s jaw drop about 10 minutes after the turn between Diane and Ross???” says Rob Davies.

User SuzeHopper1 also joked: “I wish her name was Diana instead of Diane.” So we could call her and the Ross team Diana Ross.

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Viewers also really liked that Ross subtly shamed Diane and her cooking skills, even though she knew she wouldn’t back down in front of the other players.

During a group discussion about Sunday roasts, Ross said: “My mum doesn’t make the best.”

In response, Diane said, “Then you should come to me.”

Viewers called the exchange “incredible,” and some even dared Diane to “smuggle” Ross for being so brave.

Oh, it’s all drama, Mick! We love it!