A Sky News presenter’s reaction to a 13-year-old boy’s historic Tetris win has been criticized by viewers.

Earlier this week, Oklahoma’s Willis Gibson became the first celebrity to get so far into the game that it actually failed.

For the first time in 34 years since Tetris was released, the game froze at level 157 after Willis cleared a whopping 1,511 lines in 38 minutes.

And after his reaction was caught on camera and widely praised, one TV host responded with a response that viewers weren’t too thrilled about.

Jayne Secker urged him to “get outside and get some fresh air” as she announced the news.

She said: “As a mother I would say: get away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air.”

“Beating Tetris is not a goal in life.”

Sky News presenter Jayne Secker’s comments have been criticized (Image: Sky News)

Her comments were widely criticised, with games journalist Chris Scullion referring to reports of World Darts Championship finalist Luke Littler writing that he was going out on the same day as a 16-year-old darts player was celebrated and a had to get some fresh air.’

Game creator @MrDalekJD added: “The smugness makes my blood boil. It’s one thing to not understand it, but to undermine a 13-year-old for setting a world record in a video game and portraying him like that on national television is downright embarrassing.”

@MADkurious commented: “Go outside,” she says, looking directly at a screen inside.

“Willis Gibson can be absolutely proud of what he has achieved. “Beating” Tetris by forcing a kill screen was previously only reserved for AI bots. He also dedicated his win to his late father, who passed away last month. It’s just pathetic that @SkyNews is disparaging him,” @WadeBox added.

Willis Gibson

Willis Gibson is the first celebrity to beat Tetris (Photo: aGameScout_

Another one is terrible and I want it off the air and off the news.”

@ArtFromBelow responded: “My jaw dropped to the floor when this unnecessarily toxic statement was aired. Absolutely inappropriate. Disgusting.’

Willis said in a YouTube interview that he wanted to dedicate the feat to his father, who died in December.

He also said that if someone broke his record, he would be ready to take back the crown in a heartbeat, as he has been playing Tetris since he was 11 and came third in a competition in October.