Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree – The Most Anticipated Launch Of The Year? (Photo: Bandai Namco)

The Monday Letters website worries about the new year’s outlook for the video game industry as a reader looks back on 40 years of gaming.

Is it just me or are the release plans for 2024 actually uninspiring? The biggest thing with a release date is probably Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and even of those without a release date, the only ones I’m remotely interested in are STALKER 2 and Star Wars Outlaws. My most anticipated game is probably Shadow Of The Erdtree and it’s only Elden Ring DLC.

Sony didn’t plan or expect anything and the only “guaranteed” Xbox games are the two least interesting: Avowed and Hellblade 2. I tend to agree with the idea that both Xbox and PlayStation had a bad year in 2023 , but that’s it It already looks like they’re going to have an even worse year in 2024.

When will we hear from them? Are we going straight back to the same routine of last year, where every new situation is exaggerated and then ends in great disappointment? If Nintendo can take advantage of the situation for the Switch 2, they deserve every bit of success.
Cool lanes

No one at the helm
An excellent review of the GC year over the break, which I almost wholeheartedly agreed with. Big companies are always short-sighted, but the way they currently treat game developers is downright disgusting. Although I think this is just one of many signs that most publishers simply don’t know what they’re doing.

Budgets explode, almost all information comes through leaks rather than official announcements, and publishers take players’ blind support for granted without ever earning it. Billions of dollars are wasted with no obvious benefit to anyone, and yet, as GC says, it feels like an industry that has lost its direction and all sense of proportion.

Publishers’ only plan seems to be to spend more and more money on games until they can only afford one per generation, and if that fails, the whole company goes under. There’s no point in me saying it’s crazy because I can’t change it, but I really hope the people at the top have some important New Year’s resolutions.
PS: I really don’t envy the new PlayStation boss his job as he will either sink or swim from the start.

A life full of video games
It was surprisingly upsetting to read this list of the most popular Christmas video games of the past 40 years.

I bought Ghostbusters and Rambo for the Commodore 64 and when I saw the last 40 years on those graphics I had some sort of existential crisis.

I try to avoid thinking about my mortality at all costs, so thanks for that.

In my experience, denial, denial, denial is a pretty good coping mechanism when it comes to things like this.

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Blocked success
Happy New Year everyone, here’s to 2024 people!

Oh! And a very special mention goes to Willis Gibson, just 13 years old from Oklahoma, who is officially the very first person to beat the NES version of Tetris since it was launched 36 years ago. He managed to reach level 157 and then the game basically crashed, it just froze. Congratulations Willis.

Virtual tour
I’m wondering if GameCentral or other readers have had any cool VR experiences in London and if so, which ones would they recommend?

I feel like a lot of games are pretty superficial, so maybe a virtual tour somewhere would be more impressive. It seems that PlayStation VR2 is the most powerful. Does anyone know a place where you can try it?
Owen Pile (NongWen – PSN ID)

Year of the Indian
Thanks for the preview of the Indie games of the year, I found it very useful. I know you’ve touched on this a bit throughout the year, but if there was one problem with the 2023 edition, it’s that very few indie games made a big impact. Even the ones that received criticism didn’t seem to get much traction – or at least I’ve never heard anyone talk about Humanity or Cocoon in real life, although I believe Cocoon is included in Game Pass.

From what I understand, it may have become harder for indie games to get attention due to the sheer number of quality, full price games, but since 2024 seems a little less significant in that regard, hopefully indies will get easier attention this time around get excited.

In my opinion, Hades 2 is the most exciting new game of the year, even if it’s only in Early Access, while I’m also really looking forward to The Plucky Squire, Pacific Drive, Thrasher, Windblown and many more.

Not only do I have to hope that they do well, but I also have to hope that if they are good, people will actually buy and play them, which seems to be just as big a challenge. I always feel like Sony and Microsoft treat indie games very inconsistently – they use them when they need them, but quickly ignore them when they don’t, as happened last year.

So we hope for fair and equal success for all matches in the new year.

New Year’s gift
Happy New Year, GameCentral and all its readers and contributors. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and got the game or games you wanted.

The Persona 5 Joker amiibo is back in stock at the UK Nintendo Store. If you want one, grab one before it sells out.
Andreas J.
Currently playing: Horizon Call Of The Mountain (PSVR2) and Bramble The Mountain King (PS5)

Merry Christmas and a worrying new year
Happy New Year everyone! I got my PlayStation 5 for Christmas and enjoyed Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man 2 and God Of War Ragnarök over the holidays. If you are a developer, I realize that things are not going well in the world of video games right now, but I have to say that I really enjoyed all three games, even though the console is a stupid wreck of a machine. it’s the DualSense and everything related to it is great.

Based on my experiences over the past week or so, I couldn’t be happier with my gift (well, I paid for half of it) and what seems to be the current state of video games. However, does that mean I think people are wrong to point out the problems? No, not at all. A quick look at the release schedule and I see that the only exclusive PlayStation 5 game coming out this year is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and it’s not a Sony game. Something like that clearly went wrong.

I don’t know how to solve the problem. I just play the games, I don’t know how they are made. What I do know is that games are the most entertaining and imaginative form of entertainment I know and love when everything works in synergy. However, I’m starting to doubt it’s sustainable and I really hope my PlayStation 5 lives a long and healthy life.

Still, the only benefit of an empty publishing schedule is that I can focus on my backlog. Horizon Forbidden West and Returnal are next I think!

The inbox also works
Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all the holiday items, GC. We hope 2024 will be even better than 2023!

Well, I finally got my PlayStation VR2 for Christmas. I think you can imagine what I’m hoping for in the new year: a sign that Sony hasn’t stopped supporting it yet!

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