The Night Before is a new holiday comedy that brings actors Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie together for holiday fun.

The new film opens in theaters on Friday, December 4. But will we laugh about it a lot over the holidays?

Here’s everything you need to know about The Night Before (15).

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Santa Claus (Tracy Morgan) tells the sad story of Ethan Miller (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac Greenberg (Rogen) and Chris Roberts (Anthony Mackie) who have been together since 2001, the day Ethan was orphaned after his parents spent Christmas Eve . died.

Fourteen years later, the men grew apart and realized they had to say goodbye to this festive tradition.

Chris is an American football superstar who secretly injects steroids to compete with teammates, Isaac has a beautiful wife, Betsy (Jillian Bell), who couldn’t be more proud of his transition from jerk to fatherhood not. Ethan recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend Diana (Lizzy Caplan) because he refused to commit.

The boys decide to go out in the glow of fame by attending the most exclusive party in New York, armed with weed they obtained from their father’s local dealer, Mr Green (Michael Shannon). Needless to say, the celebrations don’t go as planned.

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