Charlotte Brown’s father, who died in a speedboat accident, shared his fears after Jack Shepherd was “released halfway through his sentence”.

Brown, 24, from Essex, died after jumping into the icy waters of the Thames when Shepherd’s boat hit a tree trunk a date London December 2015.

Shepherd gave her temporary control when she hit a submerged piece of wood and the two were thrown into the water.

Shepherd, 34, was sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but is said to be out of prison within the next 10 months.

Graham Brown appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday and said he would “never forgive Shepherd for the damage he has done to my family”.

Charlotte Brown died in a speedboat accident (Image: PA)

“I’m worried about women in general,” he added.

Brown said he was “going through all the emotions,” adding that “time teaches you how to do better, but there’s still a lot of hurt and pain.”

He continued, “Life goes on, but there’s always a seat at the table.”

Jack Shepherd

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd could be freed after serving half his sentence (Photo: PA/Devon/Cornwall Police)

Of his daughter, Brown said she was “full of life and lived for those she loved.”

“She was taken from her life. It was stolen from her,” he added.

The father of one was sentenced to prison in July 2018 for involuntary manslaughter.

The following January, he surrendered to police in Tbilisi after being offered a £10,000 reward.

Shepherd, from Exeter, is also serving a straight four-year sentence for bottling a Squaddie in 2018.

He was transferred to a category A prison last year, where he was to serve the remainder of his sentence.

He was detained at HMP Frankland in County Durham. Other inmates at the prison included Soham killer Ian Huntley and serial killer Levi Bellfield.

A source from the Department of Justice (MoJ). said the sun: “He kept his head and spent his time quietly

“He knows a certain sentence means his case does not have to go to the parole board for approval.

“If he’s behaving, there’s no reason to keep him more than halfway.

“He’ll be free to just walk out the door.”