Sophia Grace Brownlee introduced her baby boy to the world and hearts everywhere melted.

The child star, now 19, announced last October that she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend, who prefers to stay out of the public eye.

Sophia – who rose to fame on The Ellen Show alongside now 16-year-old cousin Rosie McClelland – then shared on March 6 that she had given birth to a son, revealing he was born on February 26.

The new mum has now returned to the internet to give her followers an update, flaunting her baby for the first time, but is yet to tell fans his name.

While Sophia also doesn’t feel comfortable showing the newborn’s face just yet, she did hold him for the camera in her latest YouTube video – and he’s as cute and tiny as you’d imagine.

He also has very impressive hair!

Sophia Grace Brownlee (19) became a mother for the first time in February (Image: YouTube)

Sophia Grace Brownlee

Your sweet boy already has impressive hair! (Photo: YouTube)

She continued her birth story from the day she gave birth until she came home with her bubba.

Sophia explained that the night she finished filming her previous vlog, she actually went into labor after going out with her father as usual.

That night she went to the hospital and immediately decided she wanted an epidural, calling it “the best thing I’ve ever done” because of the pain of her labor.

She added that the process was “so scary”, convinced she “couldn’t do it” while it was happening and praised the midwives for their support.

Sophia Grace Brownlee

The child star described her delivery as “traumatic” and “stressful” (Image: YouTube)

Sophia Grace Brownlee

She ended up having a caesarean, but thankfully everything went smoothly (Photo: YouTube)

Sophia described the birth as “the worst pain I’ve ever felt” as people “told” her it would be.

“It’s literally bad, it’s literally the worst pain ever,” she shared.

The birth of her son was “very quick”, although after the delivery she was “very, very tired” and unwell, she was taken to theater where doctors assisted her with forceps, with the option of a caesarean section .

At the time, things were “really traumatic,” and Sophia said: “I had a really hard time. Looking back, it was probably the most stressful thing that ever happened to me.

“Of course I was scared because it’s a big problem. I have never had surgery this big and it was scary. And I didn’t have a c-section scheduled.

Rosie McClelland, Sophia Grace Brownlee

Sophia and cousin Rosie McClelland, now 16, shot to fame on The Ellen Show (Image: Jim Smeal/BEI/REX/Shutterstock)

Rosie McClelland, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Ellen DeGeneres

The girls remained good friends and now have their own careers in music and social media (Image: Picturegroup/Shutterstock)

“My boyfriend came with me because he was my biological partner, so he got to sit next to me the whole time, which made me feel a lot better.”

The star finally had a caesarean, and soon after she heard her baby cry for the first time.

“And then I cried,” she remembers. Because I couldn’t believe I had my own baby. It was just so unreal.

“It was so strange. I could finally see what he looked like after nine months in my womb. It was the best thing ever.’

Sophia Grace Brownlee

Her boyfriend remains out of the public eye, but the singer has been sharing her pregnancy journey with fans online (Image: YouTube)

She was unable to immediately hold her son when he was brought in for an examination before being taken to intensive care to check his breathing.

Fortunately, the boy is doing well and she was soon able to cradle her little one before spending the night nursing alone with him.

“Honestly, the whole experience was amazing,” she concluded.

“I met my baby that I carried for a very, very long time and it was exactly how I imagined it would be. It was just crazy.’