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Razzies founder John Wilson has apologized after facing backlash for nominating 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong for the Worst Actress award.

The annual ceremony is known for parodying awards season and instead commemorating what it considers the worst screen moments of the year.

The controversial ceremony has drawn plenty of criticism in the past – most recently with Bruce Willis being nominated last year – but sparked a major backlash when it included the Firestarter star on its list alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, Diane Keaton and Kaya Scodelario of the worst actresses and Alicia Silverstone.

After the outrage, the organizers quickly responded and confirmed that they had taken the decision to withdraw the nomination.

In a new statement from Variety, Razzies boss John Ryan also publicly apologized and announced that they will now have a minimum age limit for all nominees.

“Sometimes you do things without thinking about it and then you are called to do it. Then you get it. This is why the Razzies were created in the first place,” he began. “Recent legitimate criticism of the selection of 11-year-old Armstrong as a nominee for one of our awards has reminded us of how insensitive we have been in this case.

Ryan starred alongside Zac Efron in the film (Image: Universal)

As a result, we have removed Armstrong’s name from the final vote that our members will cast next month. We also believe that Ms. Armstrong is owed a public apology, and we want to say that we apologize for any pain she has suffered as a result of our decisions.

“Having learned this lesson, we would also like to announce that we now adopt a voting policy that prohibits any artist or filmmaker under the age of 18 from qualifying for our awards.”

Fire starter Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Razzies founder John Wilson apologized (Image: Universal)

“It was never our intention to bury someone’s career. That’s why our Savior Award was created. We all make mistakes, including ourselves,” John concluded.

“Because our motto is ‘Own Your Bad’, we know we have to live it ourselves.”

Some of the biggest names in the industry have made the Razzie shortlist, including Tom Hanks and Jared Leto ahead of this year’s awards ceremony, which will take place the day before the Oscars in March.

Among the nominations, organizers have also chosen Blonde’s two films Good Mourning and Morbius, Pinocchio and Machine Gun Kelly as contenders for the worst film of 2022.