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BBC One adds HD option for South Today on Sky and Freesat

BBC viewers have improved their TV experience as the company rolls out better services.

The company has added a high definition option to its regional channels, including those in the south of England.

The service launched on Monday 23 January and BBC One South became the first broadcaster in the country to receive the upgrade.

Viewers who watch South Today, which is available in Sussex and the south coast, will now receive their news on BBC One HD, rather than the red bar that was the placeholder when the show aired on regular channels.

The full rollout will take place over the next six weeks, ending in March.

The HD channel is currently only available to viewers on satellite platforms such as Sky and Freesat. The service will be available to Freeview customers in the coming weeks.

The BBC has not yet announced the date when the service will be available to all viewers.

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Author: Patrick Barlow.

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