Does Sony still believe in generations? (Photo: Sony)
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The Wednesday Letters site wonders if Nintendo will make a tie-in game for the Mario movie while a reader dreams of Advance Wars.

The rumors that Sony is working on the PlayStation 6 might not come as a surprise by normal standards, but I find it interesting that Sony seems to think there will definitely be a next generation and it will be something similar to normal. Talk of a streaming takeover seems to have been postponed to a new generation and probably well into the 2030s.

Maybe Sony is just hedging its bets, and even if not, they might just change their minds if broadband speeds and reliability suddenly increase, but I think consoles will be around for a long time.

As for the PlayStation 6 release, I think it will just be the usual five years plus an extra two because of the pandemic. So somewhere around 2027. I might see it a year or two ahead if Sony doesn’t do the PS5 Pro and feel they need an upgrade. Although I have a feeling they make a lot of those decisions reactively based on what Microsoft is doing.

TV fight
I’m really excited to see what Microsoft will show at their Xbox showcase tonight, although I have a feeling the new Tango Gameworks game will probably be a big surprise. I also wonder if Microsoft has started plans for the next generation as well, as rumors have it that work on the PlayStation 6 has already begun.

Will Microsoft finish last again in this current generation of consoles? It probably depends on what Nintendo’s next console is, but it seems like a strong possibility. Will there ever be a point where Microsoft just gives up and admits they will never be number one? It’s hard to imagine, but it’s also hard to imagine they’ll ever win when Sony’s first-party lineup seems so untouchable.

I remember the difference between The Last Of Us and Halo TV shows, one was a huge global hit and the other a minor success on a service that barely exists outside the US. That sums up the battle between PlayStation and Xbox in a nutshell.

endless story
I think we were all tired of hearing about the Activision-Blizzard deal last year, but now it’s gotten so absurd that it’s actually quite entertaining. Now Microsoft wants to sue Sony for revealing its lineup of games to ‘prove’ Xbox isn’t a threat?

I’d say I’ve heard it all now, but I’m sure tomorrow there’s going to be something even more absurd. I can only imagine the person who first proposed the buyout is now cleaning the toilets at Xbox HQ. Unless it was Phil Spencer, in which case I can imagine questions being asked.

What a waste of time, money and goodwill. Especially since people were predicting layoffs even before Microsoft decided to lay off 10,000 people for no reason.

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excitement begins
I understand all the pessimism surrounding the PlayStation VR 2 – it’s certainly unfortunate timing to launch – but I’m still looking forward to it and have no intention of canceling my pre-order. I’m getting the Horizon VR bundle at launch first, but I think that will be more than enough to get a feel for the hardware. I’m also sure to get some cheap titles, and there’s the free update for Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village.

As others have tried to say, given the technology it packs and the fact that it comes with good quality checks, the headset is actually very good value for money. The PlayStation Move controllers were just awful, and the fact that new controllers are out there will be a real game changer in itself.

It’s a lot of money, but just like I try to support indie games, I also support anything that tries to do something different. I don’t know why Sony is putting so much into VR, but I certainly appreciate it, especially compared to Microsoft’s wait-and-see attitude.

Asymmetric arrangement
I don’t understand why Sony didn’t go for an asymmetrical design for their Edge controller. The Sony design team actually included asymmetrical analog sticks in the Backbone One mobile controller, which you can find here.

There was even a short interview and talk about this product on a podcast called Gamertag Radio, but I can’t remember the episode number.
Chaos Orb616

game of feature film
So what exactly do we expect from Nintendo for the Mario movie in terms of shortcuts? Video game companies are notorious for even acknowledging that a new game or movie is out. I think The Last Of Us Part 1 is possibly the only example I can think of that actually had nothing to do with the show.

The rumor of new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey sounded convincing, but I wonder if it goes beyond that. Maybe the pandemic stopped it, but I’m a little surprised there isn’t a 2D Mario to join the movie and start a new wave of 2D titles.

And what about the redesign of Donkey Kong? Was this the idea behind the rumored 3D game? I also wouldn’t mind a new standalone Princess Peach game since the only one she ever got was Super Princess Peach on the DS.

I realize we’re predicting Nintendo territory again, but this one could really go either way. I will be surprised and disappointed if they do nothing.

Triple money not included
Just a word of warning to say that you can pre-order a physical version of Return To Monkey Island on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Switch from Limited Run Games until March 5th. The games are region free.

After playing the original games on the Amiga, and later again on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I received a PlayStation 5 copy in a box. There are special editions for all the consoles mentioned, but also just for the game itself.
Andrew J
PS: Look forward to the Xbox Showcase soon!

Rise of the machines
I completely agree with Onibee about the technical expectations of the Switch 2. However, I think the most important factor for Switch 2 will be support for Nvidia’s DLSS – AI-powered graphics that boost performance. PC gamers are quite familiar with this technology, which can capture a lower resolution image and significantly improve image quality while reducing performance. AMD has similar technology, although they are behind their competitor in their development.

Nintendo’s partnership with Nvidia almost guarantees that this will be a feature of Switch 2 and will somewhat compensate for the lower specs. Native resolution is no longer a thing; Fortunately, the technical experts return to judging the outcome and not the numbers.

If AI technology can deliver similar or better native resolution results with huge power savings, this is one aspect that could influence future console designs. FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) was introduced in the current generation of consoles and used in some titles. The Xbox Series S benefits the most from this.

Inbox also works
Are we not ready to admit that both Sonic Adventure games were awful? They looked bad in 2000 and I can’t believe that over 20 years later anyone is still pretending otherwise.

What I’d like to see Fire Emblem do is sort of a modern spin-off with a less silly story and more strategy, with tanks and planes and stuff. That would be definite proof, wouldn’t it? oh
mud star

Hot topic this week
The theme for this weekend’s inbox was created by reader Paulie, who asks what’s more important to you: graphics or gameplay?

Even if both are important to you, do you have minimum requirements for both? Do you really care how bad the graphics are if you enjoy the rest of the game and how bad the gameplay has to be before it becomes a problem if you appreciate other elements like the graphics and the story?

What are your best examples of games that excel in one area and fail in others, and was that something you could still appreciate, or does everything have to have a good balance of features?

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