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Interpreter Ishvans Kvik is in trouble because of illegal work

Artist Išvans Kvik is in trouble: State Labor Inspectorate (VDI) officials found that three employees were working illegally in the restaurant owned by the man. One of them is a Ukrainian citizen.

These violations were registered in the restaurant of the public institution “Sare Roma” managed by the artist in June, but it only became clear now, because I. Kvikas appealed against the decision taken by the VDI before the tribunal.

For the fact that three employees were allowed to work illegally in a restaurant belonging to “Sare Roma”, VDI representatives decided to award I. Kvik 2.5 thousand. fine in euros. And the performer has to pay for it, the judges said.

According to the data of the case, it was established that I. Kviks concluded employment contracts with two restaurant employees, but did not notify the territorial department of the State Social Insurance Fund (VSDFV) about their employment in the manner prescribed at least one working day before the scheduled start of the work.

It was established that one employee worked illegally for one day, the other for 11 days.

During the investigation, VDI employees found a Ukrainian citizen also working in the restaurant, but no employment contract was concluded with her.

I. Kviks did not agree with these violations and decided to appeal the decision in court, but it turned out that he was unable to file a complaint in time – the decision of the VDI to impose a fine could be appealed within 20 days, while the artist’s lawyer submitted it after the 30th.

The director of “Sare Roma” and the lawyer representing him asked the court to extend the time for filing the complaint, but such a request was not granted – the courts of two instances found that I. Kvikas had not filed a complaint within the time limit set by law, this was due to his own insufficiently careful and prudent behavior, therefore, the reasons were not recognized as important and the VDI resolution remained in force.

I. Kviks requested that the court award him 2.5 thousand. The euro fine would be eliminated or at least reduced.

An administrative fine was also imposed on the public institution “Sare Roma” for this offence, but the decision issued by the VDI was appealed to the administrative court and has not yet been reviewed.

“Sare Roma” was also fined by the employment service for violations.

According to VSDFV, Sare Roma currently has 15 employees. It was previously announced that the artist runs two restaurants.

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