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Susanna Reid expressed her condolences to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after she herself was followed by photographers.

The Good Morning Britain presenter opened up about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming Netflix docuseries following the explosive first look trailers, which featured clips of paparazzi.

Speaking on Tuesday’s show, Reid offered her condolences to Harry and Meghan as she too had the “horrific” experience of being hounded by the press.

“I was in a car and I know a photographer chased me in a car,” she told co-star Robert Rinder and guests Kevin McKenzie and Andrew Pierce, after which McKenzie pointed out that the footage would not be used .

“I understand that after the effect there is a cure, but what I want to say is that the fact that it happened then didn’t stop it,” she shot back.

Harry and Meghan make their debut on the streaming platform on Thursday (Photo: Netflix)

“When you’re involved in a news story, and I’m not just talking about celebrities, there are press photographers outside your house,” Reid continued.

“It can be quite a scary experience, and I think a lot of viewers don’t realize that it can be a terrible experience,” she continued.

“I just look at Harry and Meghan and it’s a billion. I understand what they’re trying to say, which is actually not very comfortable being relentlessly under that kind of control.”

Billed as an “unprecedented and profound documentary series”, Harry and Meghan will hit the streaming platform on Thursday.

Ahead of the start of the series, the one-minute teaser was released on Monday and shows the couple’s public events and private behind-the-scenes moments.

Suzanne Reid

Susanna Reid sent her condolences to Harry and Meghan after being hounded by photographers (Image: ITV)

Harry and Meghan Netflix Trailer

Clips of paparazzi featured in Harry & Meghan trailer (Image: Netflix)

In some shots, fragments of paparazzi-parallel old footage of Harry’s mother as Princess Diana are pursued by the media, as Harry comments off-camera: “The pain and suffering of the women who get married in this facility, the food madness .

“I was scared, I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”

However, parts of the trailer have come under fire following allegations that non-adjacent footage was used.

One of the clips shown to illustrate his words actually shows members of the press waiting for TV star Katie Price to arrive at Crawley Magistrates’ Court.

Another clip from the trailer shows photographers crowding around a car as Meghan says, referring to the royals, “I realized they would never protect you.”

Rather than showing the royal couple being chased, the clip appears to show Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen being photographed.