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The video of showbiz mogul Simon Cowell has raised concerns: what happened to the poor guy’s face and hair?

A video of Simon Cowell that surfaced on social media on Thursday has fans worried.

The 63-year-old TV mogul looked unrecognizable in this video – her facial skin was incredibly smooth, her teeth were sparkling white and her features looked like they had been enhanced with cosmetics, writes

In the video, Mr Cowell urged people to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, just days after judge David Walliams quit the show.

In a short video, he says, “I always say on this show that two or three minutes can change a life. And that’s how. And maybe this time you will.”

“So please audition for next season’s show and I hope to see you.”

Shortly after the video was released, comments poured in, with fans wondering what could have happened to her face.

“My God, I barely knew him.”

“I’m not one to criticize someone’s appearance, but their face looks like it’s melting.”

“Someone forgot to turn off Snapchat filters.”

“What happened to that poor guy’s face?” And the hair ?”

But others liked the video and wrote: ‘Simon Cowell is getting younger and younger as the years pass.’

And: “You look good!”

Mr Cowell has lost 20kg in the past two years. He was forced to change his lifestyle by an accident in 2020, when he crashed an e-bike near his Malibu home and broke his spine. Now he tries to get regular sleep and exercise.
He underwent spinal surgery that forced him to spend six months in bed. Not only that, he suffered from complications after this operation.

As well as walking 40 miles a week, the X Factor boss has rearranged his work schedule so that business meetings don’t start until after 9am. in the morning, not in the early hours of the morning as was the case before.

A source previously told MailOnline: “Simon said he hasn’t worn as many trainers as he does now for 20 years. He feels as good as ever and has a normal routine instead of talking to the phone all morning.”

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