Northern Irish comedian Paddy Raff said he was on a “career high” after I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec praised his joke.

The famous duo took to their shared social media account to round up some of their favorite online jokes that popped up during the first week of the popular reality show.

Among the few “memes” was the award-winning Belfast comedian’s prank on his roommate Owen Warner.

In response to Paddy’s tweet, Ant and Dec had big giggles as they read it.

See Paddy’s original joke below…

In the video, Ant said: “That’s a really good shot – how did that get in?”

Dec added: “That’s great, well done Paddy Raff.

“Well done, whoever puts those cabinets in, the pressure on those plugs must be unbearable.”

Paddy referred to the pair and believed it was him in the closet in the photo posted alongside his prank, saying he was just “a bit tinged” by it.

Paddy Raff Character ‘Nigel’

He tweeted: “I get a shoutout from @antanddec what I’ve watched from the Byker Grove days is a career high… just colored a bit by the fact that I think they think it’s me in the cabinet in the meme.”

The comedian told The Postedia that he was excited to share the big news with his son after he got home from school.

Paddy said: “I went on my social media this morning and saw I had tons of messages from people saying I got a shoutout from Ant & Dec.

Watch Ant and Dec’s reaction here…

“People also tagged me in the video, it was great to see them laughing about it, although I’m pretty sure they think I’m actually the bald guy in the closet in the meme, which I’m not.”

He continued: “It’s a bit unreal, even though I’ve been watching her for over 30 years now. If you’d come to seven-year-old me in the park and said PJ and Duncan from Byker Grove would one day laugh about ‘ A meme I tweeted about a politician taking part in a show on prime television he was forced to eat a camel’s penis, my mother would probably have called the police.

“However, you will feel quite justified today.

“But I can’t wait to show my son when he gets home from school. We all love watching Saturday Night Takeaway etc so he won’t believe they gave me a shout.”

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