Northern Ireland is fast becoming a film and television destination, making our country a hub of expertise and talent.

One of the biggest and most anticipated movies to be shot in NI, The Northman hits theaters on April 15.

Filmed at Belfast Harbor Studios and on location in 2020, The Northman was the first major project to be filmed during the pandemic.

The epic film, directed by Robert Eggers, is a revenge story set in the early 10th century and follows Prince Amleth and how far he will go to find justice for his murdered father.

Produced by local Mark Huffam and staffed by around 439 NI residents, the film raised an estimated £33.5m for the NI economy and received £1.9m in funding from Northern Ireland Screen.

It seems the perfect place to take us back to Viking times, here are the locations where The Northman was filmed in Northern Ireland:

Clandeboyle estate

Used for lavish weddings rather than Nordic takeovers, the Clandeboye Estate is one of the few large private estates in Northern Ireland still owned by its original family.

In August 2020, timber and thatched huts used to film remote scenes in The Northman were spotted in Co Down Gardens.

goal header

The set at Torr Head

Remote Torr Head on the beautiful Antrim coast near Ballycastle was a lovely double point for the Icelandic fjords.

In 2020, the crew was seen filming scenes in what appears to be a Viking village.

Ariel footage from Torr Head was also used in the filming of Game of Thrones.

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Knock Dhu, situated outside Ballygally in Co Antrim, is a Bronze Age fort and settlement about a mile west of Cairncastle.

The site consists of a series of three ramparts and ditches, Bronze Age roundhouses and a probable gatehouse.

River Ban and River Maine

The River Ban at Coleraine

The River Bann is the largest in NI and was most likely used to launch Viking longships.

The upper course rises in the Morne Mountains and flows northwest, and the lower course flows north, carrying the waters of Lough Neagh to the sea below Coleraine.

The River Maine rises in the Glens of Antrim and flows through Ballymena and Randalstown before emptying into Lough Neagh.

Hightown Quarry

Hightown Quarry outside Mallusk in Newtownabbey was also used for the filming of The Northman.

Although its location is perfect for transporting the public back to the 10th century, the quarry has been the subject of debate for almost 20 years due to proposals for a £240m waste incineration plant.

Tyrella Beach

Tyrella Beach

Tyrella Beach and Conservation Area at Downpatrick is a small enclosed dune complex on Dundrum Bay.

It’s a flat beach surrounded by 25 hectares of mature dunes.

Sandy Brae

The rural green of Sandy Brae in Kilkeel Co Down lends itself perfectly to the extensive outdoor photographs in The Northman.

Studios in Belfast Harbour

Studios in Belfast Harbour

Set in 20 acres in the 340 acre Giants Park are Belfast’s newest purpose built studios.

The studios feature high-performance acoustic fabrics, high-level catwalks, and rig portals with power, lighting, and indoor environment options to accommodate the full spectrum of film production applications.

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