Kevin Owens takes on The Bloodline (Photo: WWE)

WWE star Kevin Owens attacked Roman Reigns and joined the Brawling Brutes on SmackDown as Survivor Series: WarGames took shape.

The awards contender received a standing ovation when he returned on Friday night to join Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch in their battle against The Bloodline.

Early in the show, the Brutes came out with Drew to get things going as Sheamus reflected on his long, 20-year history with the Scottish Warrior, including many intense battles in the ring.

He noted that their problems created a bond and mutual respect, citing the fact that Drew was his best man at his wedding last month.

Sami Zayn – who brilliantly called himself Ucey in the Sky With Diamonds – came out and shot down the idea of ​​the Brutes’ mysterious fifth man to later reinforce his World Championship match with Butch.

The match that served as the main event earned its place as a highly entertaining clash between two big stars, while a fortuitous distraction while Jey Uso faced off against Sheamus saw Butch win in the bitter end.

Afterwards, Roman Reigns made his way to the ring to battle Drew and the Brutes, but the returning KO evened the odds and left the Chief standing with his teammates.

He’s a fantastic addition to the WarGames series, and his storyline with Roman and Sami adds another layer of drama to an already intriguing match.

LA Knight knocked out after beating Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman scares GUNTHER and more

The first match of the night was another SmackDown World Cup match, pitting Ricochet against a weakened Mustafa Ali after being eliminated by Bobby Lashley on Raw.

The former leader of RETRIBUTION continued to fight valiantly, but it wasn’t enough as The One And Only picked up a victory with Shooting Star Press.

Madcap Moss seeks revenge on Karrion Kross when they met in the ring three weeks after he put him to sleep with the Kross jacket.

WWE Superstars Emma and Madcap Moss

Emma came out to comfort Madcap Moss (Image: WWE)

He fought hard this time, but Karrion again managed to maintain his submission after a fun big boy match when Emma – Moss’s real mate – came to check on him after a pre-match pep talk.

Bray Wyatt made his cold entrance and talked about his struggle to become a better man, but was interrupted by LA Knight after headbutting him last week.

He claimed to have accepted Wyatt’s apology before punching him not once, but twice, and as the sinister star controlled his urge to destroy his rival, Uncle Howdy appeared on screen behind Knight in a hilarious banter.

WWE Superstar LA Knight chops Bray Wyatt on SmackDown

LA Knight beat Bray Wyatt twice – and it cost him (Image: WWE)

Knight was later found backstage under a pile of stuff, and this unexpected feud is already starting to pay off.

Shotzi defeated Shayna Baszler in a hilarious match leading up to the green-headed star’s match against the Queen of Spades’ girlfriend Ronda Rousey.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion tried to come in early to distract her opponent at Survivor Series: WarGames, but Raquel Rodriguez evened the odds and ended up helping Shotzi to a unanimous decision win.

After a showdown backstage, Braun Strowman teamed up with The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a great match against Imperium.

Given the range of talent, it’s no surprise that it succeeded, and the monstrous monsters terrorized GUNTHER in a way fans had never seen before as they trotted out New Day at Midnight on Ludwig Kaiser for the victory.

This makes the SmackDown World Cup all the more intriguing as the Ring General could potentially defend his Intercontinental Title against Braun if he wins the tournament.