The competition is opening for energy companies due to the difficulty of the regulated gas tariff agreement

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has opened an information file for energy companies in light of the difficulties customers are facing with the Gas Tariff of Last Resort (TUR) contract, which is much cheaper than the free market offer.

This is how it developed Interview at RNE The Secretary of State for Energy in the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Sara Aagesen, who explained that marketers have informed the government that “an avalanche of requests” is underway, both from owner communities (which last week can benefit) and low-consumption users, which have not been received before.

“We are hearing more and more voices” that there is “difficulty” in establishing this figure, and “we know” that the CNMC is “monitoring” and has opened an information file that could lead to sanctions. Aagesen pointed out, noting that customer service may need to be “right-sized” to “require demand.”

CNMC sources confirm to that “requests are being sent” to marketers of last resort to see how they fulfill the requirements. Specifically, wait times and services dedicated to customer service are analyzed to see how each of these companies is doing. TUR is reserved for subsidiaries of four companies: Naturgy, Iberdrola, Endesa and Totalenergies.

Last week, CNMC President Kani Fernandez indicated that the situation was on track and that Competition confirmed that companies were trying to expand customer service channels and attend to the avalanche of calls to move to this tariff. .

Afterwards, the CNMC president indicated that the body “proved that marketers will respond to requests to deal with the convenience of the TUR contract,” after consumer organization Facua pointed to Naturgy as allegedly “placing obstacles to the contract.” Regulates electricity and gas rates by removing the form from their website.

Last Wednesday, Kani Fernández confirmed that there was a “massive movement” of consumers towards the regulated gas tariff, which for a year has been increasing by law, and that the government has recently strengthened, including the neighborhood communities in it, separating the public. Funds to compensate marketers for this price intervention. Only until the end of 2023, the cost of this state aid will be 3000 million euros.

In recent days, customers have endured long waits on the customer service phone of marketers who offer this rate model, which is much cheaper than the free market offer.

According to Facua’s latest analysis, natural gas can be three times more expensive for customers with free market tariffs than for those with a TUR contract. Specifically, the free market is 112% to 245% more expensive, according to this consumer association.

Source: El Diario





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