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MMA discussions: unions will reach 871 euros, industrialists – 800 euros

The Tripartite Council, representing government, employers and workers, will continue discussions on Tuesday on raising the minimum monthly wage (MMA) from January next year. Unions and employers are not changing their position yet: employee representatives say that MMA must grow by at least 19%. to 871 euros, the date on which the manufacturers would agree to increase it from 70 euros to 800 euros, as proposed by the Minister of Economy and Innovation.

Inga Ruginienė, president of the Confederation of Lithuanian Trade Unions, says that according to the formula agreed by the council, the MMA should reach 871 euros next year. She also said she was against increasing MMA twice a year.

“According to the formula we agreed on in the Tripartite Council, after calculating on the basis of the latest known data – the average salary and the percentage that the Bank of Lithuania provided us, MMA should be 871 euros l next year,” I. Ruginienė told BNS. .

“If we talk about this number that we have named, there is no condition to pay twice. Already in January, this number will be too low compared to current trends. Dividing it into two parts is definitely not But if employers offered a higher number, we would consider it,” she added.

At that time, the head of the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists, Ričardas Sartatavičius, claims that employers do not yet have a common position on the precise size of MMA, but everyone agrees that MMA must grow .

“We do not have a common position, although we have already negotiated. (…) But today there are no representatives who say that it is not necessary to increase MMA We, the confederation of industrialists, support the increase to 800 euros,” R. Sartatavičius told BNS.

“These numbers are possible, companies can afford them. We fully understand the whole situation and say we are not against increasing MMA, but it needs to be backed up with logical numbers in order to keep the industry, the Lithuanian business and economy on the saddle and to prevent complicated things like bankruptcies from happening, he added.

Economy and Innovation Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė said that MMA before taxes could increase from 70 euros to 800 euros, and NPD – from 200 euros to 740 euros. At the time, Finance Minister Gintarė Skaistė said such a proposal was not financially balanced. According to her, MMA and NPD should grow at a similar rate.

The Bank of Lithuania said in June that the MMA could grow by 18.9% next year, from 138 euros to 868 euros, but due to the great uncertainty in the economy, it proposes more cautious decisions and later or a partial increase in MMA. .

Some economists estimate that the MMA should grow by around a tenth or more from January, adjusted for inflation. However, some believe the minimum wage should be increased at a slower pace and twice a year or delayed at all.

Some economists point out that the growth of the MMA next year is necessary to help the population with the lowest incomes, whose purchasing power has decreased due to the rise in inflation. Some see risks that a careless increase in the MMA could further fuel inflation and increase unemployment and the impact on businesses.

This year, MMA is aiming for €730 excluding VAT, i.e. €550 in hand.

The Tripartite Council on MMA will be held on Tuesday. The final decision will rest with the government.

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