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Supermarkets open to explore a basket of Yolanda Dias staples at limited prices

The first meeting between the entire sector of super and hypermarkets and the second vice-president and the Minister of Labor and Social Economy Yolanda Díaz and the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzon, with the aim of limiting the price of the “balanced and healthy basket”. Food that Diaz offered in an interview with The contact during which companies will accept the release of this basket, which relieves families of most everyday expenses at a time when inflation is increasing.

“Measures must be taken,” assured Dias after the meeting, thanking the “constructive” attitude and “contribution.” “Many sentences with different meanings”. In particular, they undertook to study the implementation of a basic shopping basket, “products guaranteeing a quality, healthy diet”, which “should include fresh produce, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and dairy products”. Also, products for people with celiac disease; And continue after Christmas.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Consumers’ and Consumers’ Council and its constituent organizations; Together with the Association of Supermarket Distributors (Anged), which houses companies such as El Corte Inglés; the Association of Spanish Supermarket Chains (ACES), in which Alcampo or Carrefour are present; and the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service and Supermarkets (Asedas), which includes companies such as Mercadona or Lidl, among others.

Yolanda Díaz suggested in the aforementioned interview that the distribution companies reach an “agreement” that “could be defined in a basket of basic products, about 20 or 30 products, in which, as we did with gas and other materials, let’s cover ourselves.” prices. 20 or 30 basic products: milk, bread, eggs, fruits…”.

Just a few days after putting this measure on the table, the French group Carrefour took a step in this direction by launching a reduced basket of 30 products for 30 euros, putting pressure on the rest of the sector.

Source: El Diario





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