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Electricity Market Barometer: Electricity in Lithuania fell by 17%

Last week, the price of electricity in Lithuania and other Baltic countries fell. In Lithuania, electricity fell by 17% to 91.05 Eur/MWh. In Latvia, the price of electricity has fallen by 24%. and was 82.07 Eur/MWh, Estonia set the same price as Latvia, 23%. lower than the previous week.

The fall in prices on the Nord Pool stock exchange and in the Baltic countries is mainly due to global warming. Wind generation in the Baltic region increased by 82% compared to the previous week. Prices in the Baltic States were also reduced by 6%. decrease in electricity consumption,” says Artūras Zatulinas, head of the Commercial Customers division of electricity distribution company Elektrum Lietuva.

Last week, the Nord Pool exchange price fell by 26% to 111.68 Eur/MWh. Electricity consumption in the North Pool region decreased to 7,128 GWh, and generation volumes also decreased to 7,176 GWh.

Production increased and consumption decreased in Lithuania

In the Baltic countries, electricity consumption fell by 6% during the week. and amounted to 496 GWh. 6% was consumed in Lithuania. less electricity – 222 GWh.

In Latvia, weekly electricity consumption fell by 4% to 124 GWh and in Estonia by 6% to 150 GWh.

Electricity production in the Baltic countries increased by 2% last week to 332 GWh. 15% of electricity is produced in Lithuania. more than the previous week – 78 GWh. In Latvia, production volumes increased by 7% to 166 GWh, while in Estonia, the only electricity production from the Baltic States, fell by 15% to 88 GWh.

During the week, the three Baltic countries together produced 67%. they need electricity. 35% are produced in Lithuania, 134% in Latvia and 59% in Estonia. the country needs electricity.

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