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Another 11 trucks carrying Russian and Belarusian goods were not allowed to enter Lithuania

In the past 24 hours, another 11 trucks carrying sanctioned goods were barred from entering Lithuania from the Kaliningrad region and Belarus, the customs department reported on Friday. According to him, after the inspection, the tractors were overturned.

“Trucks that turned around and returned to the Russian and Belarusian side were transporting wood, steel and other metal products, tiles, cardboard,” reads the report sent to the BNS.

7 people carrying alcohol were refused entry through the Panemune border crossing, where the Queen Louise Bridge is being repaired on the Kaliningrad side and where only pedestrian traffic is possible.

After the entry into force on Sunday of the new ban on transit of Russian goods to Kaliningrad, 34 trucks were not allowed to cross the Lithuanian border on Monday, 26 on Tuesday and three more on Wednesday.

According to the latest interpretation of the European Commission, sanctioned Russian goods can only be transported via Lithuania to the Russian enclave by rail and only for the needs of the region.

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