The Vilarekho case judge is prescribing a case against the president Iberdrola

The Villarreal case investigating judge has decided to prosecute Iberdrola’s president, Ignacio Sanchez Galan. The magistrate understands that all the crimes related to the hiring of Commissar Vilarejo for the alleged espionage will have already been imposed and, therefore, he cannot be tried.

A judge investigating several separate parts of a tandem case finds that in another similar case of another defendant, the Criminal Chamber ordered the case to be ordered. “The strength of this resolution leaves no room for action for this instructor, who has repeatedly denied the request of Mr. Sanchez Galan, investigated by the investigated Mr. Sanchez Galan, and submitted it in various resolutions,” the magistrate lamented.

The case of the Criminal Chamber is considering the claim of Sanchez Galan, who has so far been investigated in this proceeding for a crime of continuing bribery, inviolability of private life and a continuing crime of lying in a commercial document committed by an individual.

According to the magistrate, Sanchez Galan’s allegations relate to projects by the alleged Villarejo criminal organization, called Arrow (2004-2006), Black Board or BB (2004 and 2005), and Gipsy and Posy Projects (2009). When he first served as vice president and CEO of Iberdrolla, then since 2006 as president of the company. The job, as commanded, would be done by Villarreal through the Cenyt Group while he was in active duty in the National Police Corps.

Garcia Castellioni claims that the case against Sanchez Galan is based on his order in the third part of the Criminal Chamber 266/2022, on June 3, in which magistrates resolved the complaint of another person who was investigated for the crime of active bribery. , Against privacy and continuous lying in a commercial document committed by a natural person in connection with the events leading up to March 2009.

In an order from the Chamber concerning Director Rafael Orbegozo, the magistrates indicated that “it is clear that the only fact attributed (…) would have been imposed in accordance with Art.” 130.6 and 131 and 132.1 of the Criminal Code, because more than ten years have passed from March 2009 to June 23, 2021, which “. The Chamber therefore agreed to the appointment as a circumstance precluding liability and release.

“The strength of this decision does not leave the place of action of this instructor, who has repeatedly denied the request for release and submission by the investigated Mr. “Sanchez Galan, in various resolutions (last 03/11/2022),” the judge said.

Garcia Castelloni points out that Sanchez Galan’s involvement in the investigation involved a temporary period that would last until 2009, which is why, given the direct significance of the third part of the decision, “we must verify that more than ten years have elapsed since Date in the form of an investigation. ”

“Based on the copied arguments, we can conclude that the crimes imposed on Jose Ignacio Sanchez Galan would have been imposed, so there would have been no other way but to declare the existence of these circumstances and thus release him free. Concludes he.Magistrate.

By the same order and with the same argument, the magistrate also agrees to the dismissal of two other investigators, Jose Luis San Pedro Guernabarena and Juan Carlos Rebolo, for the crime of taking bribes, albeit out of coercion over the director’s complaint. Del Olmo agrees to hand him over to the Bilbao court because he was not competent to instruct these facts.

Source: El Diario





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