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UGT Condemns Government to Europe for ‘Low Release Costs’

UGT is leading a coalition government in Europe to pay for dismissal in Spain, an issue that was not addressed in labor-agreed labor reform. The union clarified on Tuesday that the organization had filed a “low-cost release” lawsuit with the European Committee of Social Rights, a path that the government has allowed by proposing ratification of the European Social Charter and collective grievance protocols. .

UGT Deputy Secretary-General for Trade Union Policy, Mariano Hoya, and Confederate Secretary, Fernando Luian, announced this Tuesday a collective lawsuit that has already been accepted for processing. The union believes that the cost of dismissal “does not comply with European regulations” because of the “affordable and unobtrusive” price for companies.

Specifically, union representatives said that the current system of dismissal in Spain “clearly” does not comply with the provisions of Article 24 of the European Social Charter and ILO Convention 158 concerning dismissal.

“The Spanish norm must be in line with international law, because otherwise companies will be left free to make whimsical, arbitrary and unjust decisions against workers,” they warned.

Confidence in the change of the European mandate

Representatives of the UGT trade union stressed that the 2012 labor reform had reduced pay, abolished wages and facilitated the reasons for dismissal.

“Consistent labor reforms have made unjustified dismissal free and poorly paid,” the union said. Fernando Luian explained that the hope of the union is that the European Commission has approved the collective demand and is forcing the government to change the dismissal regulation.

“We expect a favorable decision, as has already happened in the case of the Italian model. “It looks very much like Spanish, and in 2017 it received a positive response from the European Committee of Social Rights,” Luiani told the media.

UGT officials have warned that the collective action shows that the union is not giving up on claims that were not made in the labor reform agreed with the government by the end of 2021.

For the organization, led by Pepe Alvarez, the dismissal reform is fundamental, and they believe it is addressed in the 21st Century Statute, which is one of the current responsibilities of Vice President Yolanda Diaz of the legislature. If this is not the will of the government, UGT hopes it will be resolved with the support of the European Commission, Luian and Hoya said.

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