Planas together with UPA signs a package of measures against the countryside and breaks the unity of agricultural organizations

Two days ago, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, presented a plan with 43 measures to end the rural protests. Among them, 700 million euros of credit for farmers and herdsmen. The proposal, which was at the expense of support for agricultural organizations that represent the primary sector before the administration, was supported by the Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG), the Union of Small Farmers and Farmers (UPA) and the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers. (punishment). The latter has a business profile and is integrated into the CEOE employers’ association.

Only 48 hours later, one of the organizations broke away from the other two and entered into an agreement, the UPA.

Now it remains to be seen what the other two, Asaja and Koag, will do, as up until this point all three have been mobilizing hand in hand. Planas signed an agreement with UPA General Secretary Lorenzo Ramos.

“The time for mobilization has passed”

“We made a decision to sign this agreement, we had contacts with the representatives of the Ministry before Easter, we had a document and it had to be signed. The time for mobilization has passed,” said Ramos. Also, it’s time to work. “We have been meeting with the minister and at the technical level for two months. It cannot be delayed any longer, the agreement must be made now, because farmers and ranchers are waiting for the preparation of files for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and they must have guarantees that they are doing it well,” he noted.

The agreement was “urgent.” “We have shown simplification of CAP and bureaucracy and it can be implemented from 2024. However, Ramos suggested that there are issues with the ranchers. “We were mobilized and we will be there again, together with any government. We hope that other agricultural organizations will join. We believe that we should take this step,” concluded Ramos.

Luis Planas assured that “after listening to farmers and ranchers in mobilizations, in Spain and other EU countries, it is time to put them into practice.”

“Today we reached an agreement with the UPA and we appreciate their role and that of other agricultural organizations, but we wanted to scrupulously respect the ways and timing of each organization,” which “knows best what position to take.” “It is very important that we continue to work together,” the minister added, referring to the simplification of the CAP already in 2024, for example. “I hope to meet you again in the coming days if the rest of the agricultural organizations make decisions,” Planas concluded.

political interests

On Monday, Planas emphasized that there is a political interest on the part of the right to maintain protests given the election calendar in the coming months.

“Voks and PP demand that the mobilization should last until June. Vox’s spokesperson requested this in the European Parliament. This has nothing to do with the interests of farmers and ranchers, but with “party political interests,” he told the media. Also, he perceived that these organizations “are under great pressure from those who do not want to agree on anything in Spain; And agriculture should also be part of this mess.”

The plan presented by agriculture was due to the support of representative agricultural organizations before the Ministry. Not among them is Unión de Uniones, a splinter group from COAG, which has called for its own mobilization. In this information we say who is the leader of the union.

The plan of measures sealed by the UPA includes strengthening the chain law through more checks, besides tax proposals, administrative simplification in the application of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) or tax incentives for farmers and ranchers. Also, a €700 million credit line that will reach farmers and ranchers through the Official Credit Institution (ICO) and the State Agricultural Assurance Company (Saeca). 200 of them will be reserved for young people who want to dedicate themselves to the field.

Source: El Diario

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