New Lithuanian trading network accuses Mere: suppliers must choose

The director of the Lithuanian retail chain MLC, Justas Poderis, says that after opening the third store in Kaunas and planning to open at least three more stores this year, he is receiving more and more calls from suppliers regarding terminated contracts.

“Some suppliers are not revealing the reasons, but others have revealed that they were told to choose either us or the biggest Mere at the moment. Some suppliers did not give in to this blackmail, which is a good thing, but others didn’t want to risk losing profits. It’s a bit funny, but also sad, because Russian business practices are visible and don’t stop in Lithuania.

It’s not just about business – we are a trading network of Lithuanian capital, we support fair competition and do not justify such dirty games, which contribute to reducing the choice of buyers and supporting the Russian regime.” , he said.

J. Poderis adds that other small retail chains in Lithuania were also interviewed, who admitted that they also faced similar pressures from the retail chain “Mere”, especially if they were trying to establish themselves in places close to home.

According to the MLC, the retail chain “Mere”, which has 26 stores in Lithuania, is facing problems: experts are increasingly criticizing government representatives, although the latter assure that the activities of “Mere ” in Lithuania can only be limited if it is decided to prohibit the activities of Russian capital companies in the European Union. It is also said that “Svetofor” is considering selling its network in Lithuania due to the associated risks, but there is no further information on this.

Representatives of the “MLC” claim that they cannot fight against the network’s blackmail.

“These business practices are in the gray area. They are not morally right, but companies have a choice with whom to work and in what aspects choose their partners, so we cannot solve this problem legally,” says Mr. Poderis.

Delphi have reached out to “Mere” for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

Source: The Delfi

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