Named the essential rules for business prosperity: it’s an advantage that everyone knows

According to P. Petrauskas, with a systematic approach, everything becomes much clearer in business.

“There are certain things without which we, as business leaders, cannot in principle go anywhere. It would be difficult to find a business leader whose perception of his finances in the company has not not changed: ah, as I came to buy for 100, I sold for 200, so I live on this 2 percent – it’s such an old term. It’s changing. It’s changing because we’re starting to pay attention to important things,” he said.

As P. Petrauskas stated, as a result of his mentioned and inappropriate approach, you are not doing everything you could be doing.

“The idea itself – maybe it seems so simple, but this designation that the past year was the same as the last year – seems to me to be a sign that your business is dying. If they are the same as before, your business is dying. These numbers need to change, and at best, they need to move in the other direction. That means the business is growing. It’s not that you’re working more , it’s not that you have to do more of everything. That’s how it is in business – either you grow and because of that everyone is happy with the changed numbers with more of more, or you just realize that your business starts to die,” the coach said.

According to him, all this can be seen in the reports that each company has.

“It is necessary to at least understand, to know what these monetary systems look like and what we should pay attention to. Some of you may find yourself saying that some things are not very clear to me, which is written there. The fact is very simple: the financial statements of every company are a clear indicator of profitability,” said P. Petrauskas.

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