The Treasury plans to return €11,650 million in the 2023 revenue campaign

The tax agency plans to refund 11,650 million euros to 14.6 million taxpayers in the 2023 revenue campaign that begins this Wednesday, according to the director general of the tax agency, Soledad Fernandez Doctor.

At a press conference to present the campaign, Fernandez’s doctor noted that 23.3 million declarations are expected this year, up 1.2%, most of them will be returned (14.6 million, down 3%) and the rest will enter (7.1 million, up 10.2%) more) or negative (1.6 million, 4.9% more).

The tax agency expects to recover 11,650 million euros, down 1.8%, and 18,908 million, up 12.2%, for the entire campaign, giving a positive net result of 7,258 million.

Director of the Department of Management, Rosa Prieto, explained that this increase in income is related to the increase in income that is not subject to withholding, such as income from economic activities, capital gains, movable capital and, to a lesser extent, real estate. Capital.

523,000 announcements by 10:00.

The 2023 Income campaign began this Wednesday for online filing of returns through both the Income Web program and the agency’s mobile app, and as of 10:00 a.m. today, 523,000 returns had been filed, up 11% (1,450 per minute). ), of which 120,000 were registered through the mobile application.

Telephone attention for the “We Call You” plan begins on May 7 and in-person in offices on June 3. In addition, a special care plan will be launched for the elderly living in small municipalities via video conference.

Among the new features of this campaign are the extension of maternity deductions for mothers receiving unemployment benefits or in other cases, as well as increasing the costs of kindergartens that are not educational centers.

In 2023, a corresponding return of excessive contributions to mutual societies will also be included in the project, provided that sufficient information is available, which may happen throughout the campaign, so it is recommended to wait until the declaration is submitted.

23 million returns were submitted for the results of the 2022 revenue campaign, up 3.88%, with the majority (21.2 million) online and the remainder processed by phone (1.1 million) or in person at offices (0.78 million) . .

For the 2023 wealth tax campaign, the agency expects to receive 223,119 returns, down 2.8% – as some regions raised the exempt minimum – for a total revenue of 1,980 million, up 61.4%, as other regions made changes so that resources It does not go to the tax on great wealth.

Online gambling notifications

The tax agency will send 164,000 notices to people who won prizes in online gambling during 2023, for which they must declare the income in the campaign that starts this Wednesday, explained the director general of the tax agency, Dr. Soledad Fernandez.

During the presentation of the campaign, Fernandez’s doctor noted that these warning letters receive data from the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation and aim to warn that the agency is aware of these prizes and remembers that the winnings must be declared.

If the recipients of the letters believe that their identity has been assumed, they can refer to the action protocol contained in the letter. In addition to this news, the agency will also send 948,000 notifications on virtual currency (328,000 in the 2022 campaign), 895,000 on income from other countries (807,000 in 2022) and 866,000 on real estate rental (662,020 in ).

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