The government approved amendments to the law allowing large arms manufacturers to begin construction without permits

Such a conclusion of the government, approved on Wednesday at the proposal of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, will be submitted to the Seimas. The Seimas will be invited to consider this issue urgently.

It is envisaged that projects linked to defense needs can be built in non-urbanized areas without territorial planning procedures with the municipality. In this case, there would be no obligation to inform the public of the design or the start of construction work.

According to the ministry, the need to change the laws was determined by the change in the geopolitical situation, which created the need to urgently develop the industry in the state that ensures defense needs.

It is emphasized that special conditions for accelerating the completion of procedures related to territorial planning, land formation and construction are only created for large-scale projects intended to ensure security needs. and defense of the state.

Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė previously told Elta that the amendments aim to accelerate the establishment of the German manufacturer Rheinmetall, which intends to build an artillery shell factory in Lithuania. However, according to her, this should encourage other companies in the defense sector to come to Lithuania.

Deputy Minister: We hope to have final decisions regarding Rheinmetall in the coming weeks

The final decision on the establishment of the German defense company “Rheinmetal” in Lithuania should be known in the coming weeks, according to Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation Karolis Žemaitis. He mentioned that the main thing the company expects from Lithuanian institutions is flexibility and the ability to provide the necessary conditions for the faster start of operations in the country.

“We hope that we will make final decisions in the coming weeks,” K. Žemaitis told journalists on Wednesday.

“Rheinmetall’s main expectation would be for Lithuania to be a flexible and quick state in its decisions, which is also the expectation of society. We probably all want the plant to be operational in ten months, not three years “, he explained.

However, according to him, it is not known how many people would work in this factory or where it would be located.
To ease conditions for Rheinmetall and other defense industry companies, the government approved changes to the law on Wednesday that would allow these companies to start building factories without permits. These amendments will still need to be approved by the Seimas.

As K. Zemaitis explains, this would significantly shorten the process of establishing factories of defense companies in Lithuania. According to him, it is expected that after the legislative changes, Lithuania will be interested in more foreign companies of this type.

“Changes to major defense investment projects, so that defense-related investments can be made faster in Lithuania. We hope that with these changes the current deadline can be reduced to six months. Because our goal and society’s expectations are that defense industrial investments will advance more rapidly than they currently can,” he explained.

The Deputy Minister explained that the exceptional conditions would apply only to large defense investors and that such status would be approved by the Ministry of National Defense (KAM) and the government.

“This regulation is only imposed on industries related to defense-related businesses. We will consult with the Ministry of Defense on defense-related businesses and industries,” he said.

“The regulation would only apply to large defense investments, which invest only around 20 million euros and correspond to the standard status of a large investor. Subsequently, the company’s activities are verified to determine whether they meet national security and defense needs. Then the government decides whether the project can be considered a significant project,” he explained.

Finally, he mentioned that creating such conditions, which will attract large investors, will also help local businesses.

“We have examples of different manufacturers, around which local companies are established and other investors are coming. We sincerely hope and are sure that when Rheinmetal comes, the same thing will happen here and Lithuanian companies will find something to do “, he assured.

ELTA recalls that Rheinmetall announced in early March its intention to build a factory in Lithuania, where Germany plans to permanently deploy a brigade-sized military unit to protect NATO’s eastern flank.
The plan to build a 155mm artillery ammunition factory in Lithuania was announced in March. also confirmed the head of the company Arminas Pappergeris.

Former Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas welcomed the company’s intentions and said such a project was necessary to strengthen the country’s defense.
Rheinmetall plans to establish at least four factories in Ukraine.

Source: The Delfi





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