Palanga businessmen are ready to woo employees with salaries in the thousands

Laura Taučiūtė, president of the Palanga Hotel and Restaurant Association, told “Vakaru ekspres” that the search for temporary workers is currently intensive.

“Like every year, as the season approaches, the research begins: the summer cafes are opening, it is necessary to increase the existing staff, because the flow of people is increasing. The research has started, it is intensive,” said L. Taučiūtė.

According to her, the most sought after are employees of catering and accommodation establishments.

“These are cooks, waiters, bartenders, helpers, maids and many different employees related to catering and accommodation establishments,” explained L. Taučiūtė.

Job search portals are currently full of offers in Palanga related to work in restaurants or hotels, some employers directly state that the work is seasonal. In addition to salary, candidates also receive free accommodation, qualifying courses and other benefits.

Some offers are distinguished by salary – for example, a restaurant offers 2.2 thousand to a chef or sushi master. salary in euros after taxes.

The president of the Palanga Hotel and Restaurant Association says this is a real offer that meets the qualifications.

“It depends on the experience of the boss, his attitude towards work and whether the person is worth it, the company is ready to pay a higher reward,” said L. Taučiūtė.

It is estimated that around a thousand people are temporarily employed in Palanga each summer.

Source: The Delfi





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