Baltcap lawyer: Stepukonis could embezzle around 40 million. euros

“I don’t want to speculate too much, but if the investigation in 2022 would not have ended and Šarūnas Stepukonis would have been suspended, we probably would not be talking about 40 million euros embezzlement today. The amount would be lower” , D. Raulušaitis told LRT radio on Tuesday.

The lawyer said he still had hope that some of the embezzled funds could be recovered, but that with time the possibilities of doing so diminished.

“For me, the real and more interesting question in this case would be whether there are still funds that could be recovered, thereby reducing the problem for the fund and the fund portfolio companies and at the same time easing the situation of Šarūnas Stepukonis himself,” said D. Raulušaitis.

“Personally, I still have such hope. But this hope diminishes with time, and it makes me a little angry at the slow start of the investigation, because a lot could have been done before the media do not intensify things. But the opportunity was missed,” he stressed.

D. Raulušaitis also stated that Š. Stepukonis will not necessarily be sentenced to actual prison time, as the aforementioned punishment is rarely applied to people tried for the first time for these types of criminal acts.

“In reality, for crimes of an economic, financial and property nature, according to the emerging practice of Lithuanian courts, real prison sentences are rarely imposed on people tried for the first time. And in this case, I would not be very surprised if the courts found other alternatives to punish Stepukonis without giving him a real prison sentence,” the lawyer said.

“On the other hand, I don’t really remember a case of this magnitude in the history of Lithuanian criminal prosecutions, so perhaps there could be a case where this prison sentence could be imposed on a person who is being tried for the first time for this type of crime,” he testified.

ELTA reminds that BaltCap is currently facing reputational problems after the termination of the contract with BaltCap’s former partner Infrastructure Fund Š. With a stepladder. He is suspected of having embezzled around 30 million euros. euros, at least part of which could have been lost by the casino.

It was reported on Monday that Sh. Stepukonis is arrested, his arrest is requested.

The Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that it had opened a preliminary investigation in 2022 after receiving information from the Paysera LT company regarding Š. 3.9 million was transferred to Stepukonis’ account from the Polish company. euros. According to the prosecution, it was later established that the money had been transferred during the sale of shares, so the investigation was closed, but it resumed last week.

Source: The Delfi





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