Companies and NGOs propose removing the obligation to formalize support by bank transfer with a notarized contract

Currently, such a contract is mandatory when support exceeds 14.5 thousand. euros. According to the initiative group, only Lithuania applies such a requirement in Europe, this makes it difficult to obtain aid in the country and reducing obstacles to aid is particularly important in times of crisis.

“The need to contact a notary has a demotivating effect on potential sponsors due to the time costs and procedures. Granting assistance is often an emotional decision, which requires speed in both good and bad cases , which is why flexibility is also important here,” Mindaugas Morkūnas, development director of the MO museum who made the call, is quoted in the press release.

“In the NGO sector there are many cases where, due to this limitation and the refusal to waste time on notarial procedures, supporters have allocated up to 14.5 thousand. instead of 50 or 100 thousand euros . euros,” he stressed.

According to Mr. Morkūnas, the aid amounts specified in the Law on Patronage of Lithuania for community municipalities and national patrons are 50,000, 150,000 and 250,000 and 1 million euros, respectively.

“This seems to indicate the expectations of national support and they are significantly different from the 14,500. A barrier of support to the EUR, the magnitude of which is not justified in the current economic circumstances,” continued the head of development of the MO museum.

The requirement for a notarized contract for support is provided for in the Civil Code. However, according to Mr. Morkūnas, the proposal would not change any other legal provisions relating to donation operations, but would only create more favorable possibilities for providing cash support by bank transfer.

The notification states that the appeal initiative of the MO Museum is supported by the organizations Blue/Yellow, Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius, Lithuanian Basketball Federation, Kaunas Basketball Club Žalgiris and Vilnius Rytas,, charities of Mr. Čiuzhel and the support fund “Jaunimo linija”, the company “Darius Zubas Holding” and the Lithuanian Confederation of Enterprises.

Source: The Delfi





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