The court authorized the arrest of Stepukonis for 14 days: he was detained in the premises of the FNTT

As indicated, officials of the FNTT Š. Stepukoni on Saturday February 10 at 6:11 p.m., in accordance with article 123 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. and, in accordance with the order of the Vilnius City District Court, arrested at the premises of the Vilnius department. It is stated that after completing the necessary procedural steps, the suspect was taken to the AVPK detention center in Vilnius.

The investigation into the suspect’s activities is controlled by the prosecutor delegated by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, Darius Karčinskas.

The hearing regarding the prosecutor’s statement was held remotely on Monday, 2024. February 12

The preliminary investigation judge partially satisfied the prosecutor’s request and authorized the detention of the suspect for 14 days, this period being counted from the day of the suspect’s arrest, i.e. from 2024. February 10

The court’s decision can be appealed within 20 days to the Vilnius District Court, by filing a complaint with the Vilnius City District Court.

According to “Verslo žinios”, Stepukonis returned to Lithuania from Ukraine of his own volition in recent days.

On Monday morning, “” and “Verslo žinioms” announced the news of Š. Stepukonis’ arrest was confirmed by Deputy European Prosecutor Darius Karčinskas, who is overseeing the investigation into possible embezzlement.

Vilnius District Prosecutor General Justas Laucius announced on Friday that the prosecution had resumed the preliminary investigation, opened at the end of March 2022 after receiving a report from the Paysera payment institution.

“The Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office organized a preliminary investigation by the Financial Crimes Investigation Department, which was opened on the basis of a report from Paysera regarding a suspicious financial transaction. There were no further of reports nor investigations opened on the basis of them, it was about the bank payment of the Polish company made to the account of Šarūnas Stepukonis at the end of March 2022”, J. Laucius reminded journalists on Friday.

The payment amount was 3.9 million. These funds were initially frozen in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering, and then, after the opening of a preliminary investigation, a temporary restriction of property rights was applied. Another preliminary investigation is also underway.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of FNTT Robert Šadinec said that the second preliminary investigation into the alleged misappropriation of the very high-value private capital fund “Baltcap AS” and the assets of companies directly and indirectly belonging to this fund – more than 20 million euros – was completed. launched in 2023. end of November.

Delphi recalls that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office had announced the international Š. Search Stepukonis. As a result of the thefts from the BaltCap infrastructure fund, Baltic pension funds were forced to write off millions of euros. Private capital fund manager “BaltCap” appealed to the court regarding its former partner in Lithuania Š. Stepukonios, the gaming company “Olympic Casino Group Baltija” and its shareholder “OB Holding 1” in Estonia, from whom they are trying to claim 16.6 million. euros.

In an interview with BNS, S. Gustainis said that Š. Stepukonis, suspected of losing millions of euros from fund company funds, did so by falsifying documents and lying. He confirmed that the amount could exceed 30 million. euros. According to S. Gustainis, we are talking about several stolen companies that were managed by Š. Stepukonis.

The director of Olympic Casino Group Baltija, Tomas Palevičius, previously told Elta that Stepukonis followed the procedures stipulated by legislation when gambling and that the origin of the money in the gambling account was reasonable. According to him, online gambling has been going cashless for quite a long time.

“The money was transferred to the game account from accounts in financial institutions operating in Lithuania, the origin of the money was justified. The financial flows were also clearly visible in the declarations we submitted to the National Tax Inspectorate (VMI) in accordance with the procedure provided for by law.

Regarding this particular case, we had already received requests for additional information from a bank operating in the country, VMI and the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit, which we immediately forwarded. “- Elta said T. Palevičius.

“BaltCap” contract with Š. Stepukouniu resigned last November and immediately turned to law enforcement after finding operational violations in the management of the finances of the foundation he headed. The investigation into Sh. Stepukonis’ activities is controlled by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, entrusted to the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT).

Aleksandras Nemunaitis, member of the Vilnius city council, claimed that Š. Stepukonis fought in Ukraine on a voluntary basis.

Source: The Delfi





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