Amendments to the law banning gambling advertising in Lithuania have been registered

The amendments to the law were signed by 47 parliamentarians from almost all factions of the Seimas. Not a single Labor group MP has joined the initiative.

The proposal envisages prohibiting the dissemination of information on the sponsorship of any type of public events, activities, natural and legal persons by the company organizing games of chance. After the adoption of the amendments to the law, advertising of gambling games will be prohibited in Lithuania, except in the case where the name of the company organizing the gambling games appears on the building of the organizer’s head office gambling.

Furthermore, the ban on advertising would not apply if information about games of chance was published at the place of organization of games of chance or when publishing information about games of chance in publications intended solely for professionals in the gaming sector.

ELTA reminds that BaltCap is currently facing reputational problems after the termination of the contract with BaltCap’s former partner Infrastructure Fund Š. With a stepladder. He is suspected of having embezzled around 30 million euros. euros, at least part of which could have been lost by the casino. On Monday, he was reportedly taken into custody and his arrest is requested.

The Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that it had opened a preliminary investigation in 2022 after receiving information from the Paysera LT company regarding Š. 3.9 million was transferred to Stepukonis’ account from the Polish company. euros. According to the prosecution, it was later established that the money had been transferred during the sale of shares, so the investigation was closed, but it resumed last week.

Source: The Delfi





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